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Buy Cannabis Seeds In San Fransisco

Buy Cannabis Seeds In San Fransisco

Most growers are divided concerning this debate, and both sides do have their arguments. Is it clones or seeds? However, in this article, we will outline clear benefits associated with growing the cannabis plants from the seeds.

Stronger Plants

When you buy cannabis seeds in San Francisco, the seeds always grow into stronger plants which are also much easier to produce. It is because the marijuana plants are grown from seed to develop a taproot. It is the taproot that will grow vertically right from the seed serving as the plant's center in the entire root system. A taproot will be of great help as it helps in firmly anchoring the plant into the ground and this will extend deep into the soil or sand seeking out nutrients. It will ensure the cannabis plants stay active and healthy making them tougher in case of unfavorable conditions especially when they are grown outdoors.

However, clones are not able to develop tap roots. They are known to create a fibrous root system which will, in turn, grow into weaker plants. They are not only less firmly anchored into the ground, but the clones grown outside will struggle to deal with harsh conditions since their root systems are not in a position of penetrating the soil.

Creating a clone is a very stressful process for any plant. Several cuttings that are taken from the mother plant are known to remain in stress for quite some time.

Bigger Yields

Any cannabis grower will always be concerned by the yields he or she will get. Despite your reason for growing cannabis, you will be interested in ensuring that the plants offer you a decent harvest. However, most of the growers have figured it out that clones tend to produce lighter yields when compared to the plants grown from seeds. Several factors can contribute to such a scenario. However, it still boils down to the fact that the clones do grow into weaker plants.

No Pests or Bugs

Bugs and pests are another major concern for any cannabis grower. Just like other types of plants, the cannabis is highly susceptible to various diseases and pests which can result in a negative impact on the plant's health and harvest.

Bugs and pests can quickly be passed from mother plants to clones. Although this might not be significant problems for the experienced cannabis growers, it can be a great concern for the new growers. However, bugs and pests are not capable of attacking and thriving in cannabis seeds.

More Choice

The amount of choice one gets as a grower is among the significant benefits associated with growing cannabis from seeds. You will be able to find many strains and varieties when you browse the seed catalog. You will be in a position to peruse all the available strains and select one that matches your skills when you choose to grow from seeds.

However, when you inherit a clone, you will have little control over the type of plant you intend to grow.

Buy Cannabis Seeds In San Fransisco

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Buy Cannabis Seeds In San Fransisco