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Buy Feminized Cannabis Seeds Online

Buy Feminized Cannabis Seeds Online

If you are an experienced cannabis cultivator, you've no doubt heard about feminized seed. Nowadays, anyone who desires a crop that is 100 percent female can make that happen with relative ease. That's why we're pleased to present a safe and secure way to buy feminized cannabis seeds online.

Why grow with feminized seeds?

* Save money

A single ounce of top-shelf weed can set you back several hundred dollars. For a person who consumes a plentiful amount of herb, the cost of keeping a supply at hand certainly can add up. Whether you buy feminized cannabis seeds online and grow your own marijuana for healthy medicine or for recreational fun, you can save yourself a wheelbarrow full of cash over the course of a year.

* Harvest sooner

Feminized seeds and auto-flowering cannabis seeds may deliver a ganja harvest in as few as eight or nine weeks. When you start your garden with feminized seeds, you know that you're going to get an excellent dank crop full of sticky females. No guesswork required. Auto-flowering indica and sativa strains that are bred with fast blooming ruderalis genetics produce mature, finished plants in a fraction of the time it may take to grow a crop from regular seed.

* Always grow female plants

Yes, we admit this one's a bit obvious. When you germinate and grow feminized seeds, you always get a crop of female plants. No longer will you have to examine young plants for sex and pick out all the males. Expect a full harvest of tasty female buds when you start by buying feminized cannabis seed from i49.

* Control your growing environment

When you buy herb grown by someone else, you may not always be clear about the sort of fertilizers and pesticides they used. When you choose to grow your own, you always know precisely what goes into every ounce of ganja that you consume.

Novel ways to ensure female plants

Before the introduction of feminized seeds, growers tried many methods to encourage the growth of female pot plants. Some diluted ethylene in water and sprayed it on young plants to discourage the number of males that appeared. Other growers introduced ethylene to their nascent crops by placing ripening bananas within proximity to young plants. The idea behind these techniques involves the way that ethylene gas overwhelms cannabis plants with a female plant hormone right before the plant designates its sex. This old-school method may work, but it's important to know that ethylene sprays can be phytotoxic if they are not diluted correctly or if they are applied in hot weather, explains High Times magazine.

When you buy feminized cannabis seeds online, you receive seeds that have been genetically altered to produce female plants 95 percent of the time, minimum. Female plants offer much more CBD, CBN, and THC than their male counterparts, so it's a great plan to start your crop with seeds that are sure to produce female plants.

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Buy Feminized Cannabis Seeds Online