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Buy Marijuana Online

Buy Marijuana Online

Who would have thought you could one day buy marijuana online legally? Fortunately, that’s precisely what you can do on i49, ever since it has been approved for medical use in many states across the US. 2018 has been a breakthrough in this regard after the cultivation of marijuana has been legalized under the Canadian government, even if only for medical purposes.

But the question is – why should you buy it? The controversy about cannabis lasts for almost a century, starting with 1923 when it was outlawed throughout Canada. That didn’t stop people from using it, naturally, under the radar, all the while public opinion is continually demanding the decriminalization of utilizing the plant freely, including for recreative use.

Now, we finally have it, and the future looks interesting. Almost half of the adult population of Canada (44%) have admitted using cannabis for recreative purposes at least once over their lifetime, while among students the percentage is slightly higher (46%). Estimates predict that the number of recreational marijuana users will increase to over 5 million by 2021. So, is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Solving problems one smoke at a time

The debate whether smoking cannabis is beneficial to your health or not has been hitting the news since forever. Countless studies have been conducted on the matter, with some more relevant than others over time. And, although marijuana hasn’t been proven to treat any health problems, it has been shown to minimize the impact of several disorders drastically.

If you are determined to buy marijuana online, you should do it as soon as possible because:

  • It calms the nervous system – This effect has been observed time and time again, with its most notable benefits in the realm of depression and anxiety disorders. Depression is a particularly dangerous mental disorder, leading to social seclusion and even suicidal tendencies in its most severe forms. THC, the psychoactive agent in cannabis, binds to the cannabinoid receptors, brain molecules which act as neurotransmitters, inducing a general state of mental calmness so many people look for.
  • Can reduce the manifestations of several diseases – Studies have revealed that THC can also be successfully used to reduce the intensity, the duration and the frequency of epileptic seizures in suffering patients. These are not lab-cold presumptions. Cannabis has been tested on many occasions on epileptic patients with compelling results in most of the cases. Other diseases it showed great promise to include dementia and even cancer.
  • Combats chronic pain – According to specialists, most people will experience some chronic pain at one point in their lifetime. Today, approximately 22 million Americans suffer intense levels of pain every day for weeks and even months on end. Smoking cannabis has been shown to deliver sustainable analgesic effects.

It’s clear that this plant is more than meets the eye so, come to i49 and buy marijuana online now! Here, we have the top-quality seeds you need to start your medical mini-farm and enough diversity among the products to cover all preferences.

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Buy Marijuana Online