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Buy Marijuana Seeds In California

Buy Marijuana Seeds In California

With the growing season just around the corner, you need to start planning on how you will get the plants into the ground. With the recent legalization of marijuana use in California and other seven states, the number of people who will want to plant this week will go up. Here are essential tips you need to consider before you buy marijuana seeds in California.

Type of high you want

Most consumers are provided with a choice between Sativa dominant strains and Indica although the majority of marijuana available in the market have been cross-bred or hybridized. The Indica strains appear to be associated with relaxation of the body while the Sativa strains seem to be associated with high mind. It is advisable that you go for a weed that is right for you depending on the dried flower samples you have.

Check their growing difficulty

Are you able to grow good tomatoes? Then you can as well grow good marijuana. Most of the environmental conditions required for healthy growth of tomatoes are in line with conditions necessary for healthy growth of marijuana. However, different strains are known to have a varying degree of tolerance. There are strains such as the Blueberry which is fun and easy to grow.

The amount of space available

Right from the smallest seedling, any plant will grow to a height of approximately 6-8 inches tall if the root system allows. It is crucial that you go for seeds which will fit into your growing space. The size of the plant will be determined by various factors such as the size of root, training, pruning, and genetics.

For instance, Sativa plants are known to be taller and have heavier buds while their counterparts Indica plants are known to be shorter and bushier with large buds. It is necessary for the plant size to be in line with the root system size.

Type of Climate

In most cases, plants are usually grown outdoors. However, some growers prefer to have them grown indoors. For indoor growing, you will require a substantial investment when it comes to maintenance of plant, cost of energy and climate controls. For outdoor growing, you will need to keep an eye on the type of microclimate, proximity to nearby homestead and privacy of the area where you are growing the cannabis. Only go for the seeds that are adapted to your growing condition.

Flowering time

You need to consider the length of your growing time when choosing the finish time on the flowering marijuana plant. There are plants which can be ready for harvesting within the first eight weeks of flowering while others can take up to 14 weeks. You will need marijuana seeds that will finish within your preferred time.

Just like humans, marijuana has female and male sexes; you do get an unknown mix of female and male whenever you buy marijuana seeds in California. Most growers will want to kill the males and have the females grow.

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Buy Marijuana Seeds In California