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Buy Marijuana Seeds In Oregon

Buy Marijuana Seeds In Oregon

Weed legalization is shaking things in the world. Almost every person is trying to get into the weed game. However, with high competition levels in the market, it is a bit difficult for marijuana users to know the best type of weed to use.

You should never be shaken by the wide variety of marijuana seeds currently available in the market. Most people are known to get confused whenever they want to buy marijuana seeds in Oregon. In this article, we will help you spot all the main types of strains you should know before you opt to buy any marijuana seed.

Here are the most popular types of marijuana seeds available in Oregon.

Regular Cannabis Seeds

Regular cannabis seeds plants can either be female or male. For instance, if you have placed an order of up to 10 regular cannabis seeds, you will not be in a position to tell if the plant will grow into a male or a female. When cultivated using the right circumstances, they are most likely to turn into feminine plants.

The Feminized Cannabis Seeds

These cannabis seeds have been genetically changed to produce feminine plants in over 90% of the situations. It helps form a great benefit since only the female cannabis plants are capable of producing flowers. However, the male cannabis plants are not capable of producing flowers; they instead consist of some few THC and are capable of influencing THC producing in feminine plants. Feminine cannabis plants are known to produce more working substances like CBN, THC, and CBD when compared to the male plants.

Here are the three best-feminized seeds:

Yellow Lemon

Haze Amnesia

Haze Afghan


Auto Flowering Marijuana Seeds

The auto-flowering marijuana seeds are known to come from Sativa or Indica plants that were crossed using the Ruderalis plant. The cannabis plant can be found in regions experiencing shorter summers. When you use the Ruderalis, it will start to automatically bloom within a short period, unlike the other cannabis plants.

In most cases, the Ruderalis cannabis can be found in Russia, Northern Europe and neighboring countries like Mongolia and China. However, the Cannabis plant does contain less amount of THC compared to Sativa and Indica types. This explains why the plants are crossed. The result of crossing Indica or Sativa plants with Ruderalis plant is a quick variant containing high THC producing and better flower heads.

Here are some of the most popular auto-flowering seeds:

Lower Rider Auto


Amnesia Haze AUTO

The Medicinal Marijuana Seeds

The feminized medicinal marijuana seeds are usually cultivated for a particular medicinal marijuana user. All the marijuana types are known to be appropriate for usage in medicine. There are other types which are known to be more proper thanks to their active substances. Use of medicinal marijuana is capable of bringing relief of conditions such as poor blood circulation, spasms, muscle tensions, stress, loss of appetite, hormonal complaints and sexual complaints.

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Buy Marijuana Seeds In Oregon