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Buy Marijuana Seeds Online

Buy Marijuana Seeds Online

Now that weed is legal in many states, more and more people are becoming interested in growing their crop of medical or recreational herb. Of course, a significant component of a successful harvest has to do with the seeds. In the interest of cannabis farmers everywhere, we are please to present a few tips about how to buy marijuana seeds online.

First, find a reliable seed bank

Unless you have access to clones, you'll need to buy seed from a reputable seed bank. If you were searching how to buy marijuana seeds online, you're in luck. We are i49, and we offer a splendid selection of seed. We store our indica, sativa and hybrid seed the right way, so you can always count on your i49 seeds to germinate and grow. We employ secure servers, and all of your payment data is encrypted. When you buy marijuana seeds online from us, we ship in discreet packages that are inconspicuous. Our goal is to exceed your expectations in every way.

A few things to know about seed

Regular marijuana seeds can be either male or female. It's virtually impossible to tell a seed's gender merely by appearance. Nonetheless, if you carefully cultivate regular pot seeds, you significantly boost your chances of growing a primarily female crop. Female cannabis produces the nice high and good medicine you seek when you buy marijuana seeds online.

Feminized cannabis seeds are genetically altered to produce female plants a whopping 95 percent of the time. The advantage to buying and growing feminized seed is that you know you will get flowers. Additionally, female cannabis plants provide a lot more in the way of CBD, CBN, and THC than their male cannabis counterparts. One thing to bear in mind is that plants grown from feminized seed will not produce seeds of their own. When you buy your kind seeds from i49, this shouldn't slow you down at all.

Auto-flowering seeds are derived from sativa or indica plants that are crossbred with a Northern European varietal called ruderalis. Accustomed to growing in regions that have super short summers, ruderalis genes encourage indica and sativa strains to bud and ripen relatively quickly. Auto-flowering seeds tend to produce plants with less THC than pure strains. Look at it this way: Indica and sativa crossbreeding boosts the THC content of ruderalis cannabis.

Today, there are several reputable seed banks from which you can buy marijuana seeds online. Cannabis is becoming an important commodity, and many entrepreneurs are excited about the prospects of cultivation. i49 is quickly becoming a preferred vendor for successful growers who desire first class cannabis seed for very fair prices.

Tips for buying online seeds

  • Buy only from a reputable seed bank
  • First-time cultivators should use auto-flowering seed
  • Start with a relatively cheap seed
  • To harvest sinsemilla every crop, start with auto-flowering seeds
  • Know your state cultivation laws

To know more about how to buy marijuana seeds online, please call i49 at 1-855-888-6452.

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Buy Marijuana Seeds Online