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Buy The Best Cannabis Seeds Online

Buy The Best Cannabis Seeds Online

If you wish to be a successful ganja grower, you'll need to learn everything you can about how and where to buy the best cannabis seeds. Online, you have an ever-widening choice of seed banks from which to choose. Here at i49, we're proud of our reputation as an excellent seed seller. We want you to buy the best seed to suit your purposes, whether you intend to grow for medical or recreational reasons.

Pot seeds: The basics

A seed is a potential plant, but there's more to it than that. As is the case with animals, reproduction is accomplished when an ovum (or seed) is fertilized. Once fertilization happens, the wealth of genetic material within the seed begins to build a plant. As with babies, the development of your pot seed depends on how you treat it, especially in the early developmental stages.

Germination 101

Before planting, you will germinate your seed. This is the simple process by which dry seed becomes hydrated enough to activate the enzymes within. Once correctly germinated, a nascent root emerges through the shell of the seed, explains High Times magazine. It's a good idea to understand how to germinate before you buy the best cannabis seeds online or anywhere.

Paper towel germination is the easiest way to prep your cannabis seeds as well as one of the most effective. Experienced marijuana growers may opt to plant viable seeds directly in the ground, but your best bet as a newbie cultivator is the paper towel method. First, soak your cannabis seeds in a cup of room temperature water for ten hours or so. Remove the seeds from the water and spread the moistened seeds between two layers of moist paper towels. Place the paper towel seed combo on a flat surface such as a plate or tray, and be sure to keep the whole shebang in a comfortably warm area. Use a mister bottle to maintain dampness of the paper towels. In a few days, you should start to see little root sprouts emerging from the seeds. Now your cannabis seeds are germinated and ready to grow.

A few factors to look for to ensure you buy the best cannabis seeds online

* Color

Choose deeply colored ganja seeds that feature dark stripes, spots or blemishes of black, brown or tan. Skip over cannabis seeds that are pale or green.

* Seed size

Look for distinct striping on Indica seeds. Smaller Sativa seeds will be slightly smaller without as much mottling or striping.

* Hardness

Healthy, viable cannabis seeds tend to boast a hard outer shell. If seeds are soft or appear to be damaged, forget about them.

The surest way to make sure that you buy the best cannabis seeds online is the purchase from a reputable seed bank such as i49. We are a collective of cannabis entrepreneurs who believe that every grower ought to have access to top quality marijuana seed for a fair and reasonable price.

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Buy The Best Cannabis Seeds Online