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Buy Weed Seeds Online

Buy Weed Seeds Online

It comes as a surprise to most people to learn that it’s legal to buy weed seeds online without a doctor’s signature on a cannabis card. If you’re thinking about growing marijuana for personal use, be cautious where you purchase your seeds online- many unscrupulous seed banks exist within the growing industry. When looking for a reputable dispensary for seeds, consider i49.

Why Buy Weed Seeds Online?

There are several key advantages to purchasing your cannabis seeds online. First and foremost is the convenience factor. Rather than spending half a day driving to a dispensary and another hour or two determining which type of seeds to purchase, our online seed bank makes it a simple process to pick out the right kind of seeds and have them shipped to your place of residence.

In-depth seed details on our website explain the predominant symptoms each strain is prized for, how long a strain typically takes to grow from seed to harvest and indicates which qualities you may note. For example:

  • Medical patients use blueberry Cannabis for chronic pain, depression, insomnia, stress, or to improve the appetite; a euphoric Indica that gives you a happy demeanor and may help you sleep.
  • Love Potion Cannabis users may feel arousal and a feeling that their fingertips are buzzing. This strain treats fatigue, stress, anxiety, and depression.
  • Candy Cream is prized for its dense buds with numerous side branches, able to be grown both indoors and outdoors; this is a terrific option for medical use since THC levels are moderate and CBN content is optimum.

Call a Seed Expert For Help

Our staff is available by phone to answer your questions and help you make the right choice when selecting your seeds. If it’s your first time deciding to buy weed seeds online, let us know, and we’ll designate an assistant to help with your order. We can make recommendations based on your objectives for growing or for recreational or medicinal use.

Use Our Free Online Resources

You may find answers to your questions in our FAQ section, which can save you time and eliminate the need to call our seed bank. Just click the i49 FAQ’s link to find a wealth of valuable information about i49, including answers to shipping questions, payment questions, order questions, and more. We want your first order experience to be one that exceeds your expectations so that you’ll come back and purchase from us again in the future. Just let us know what we can do to help.

Browse our amazing inventory to find Indica seeds, Sativa seeds, easy-to-grow seeds, short growing season seeds, high THC, CBN, or CBD content seeds, and more. When you buy weed seeds online from i49, you have our promise that your seeds are guaranteed to germinate, and guaranteed feminized. Your entire order is secured as well; in the event that you don’t receive your discreet package in a reasonable amount of time, we’ll reship.

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Buy Weed Seeds Online