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California Cannabis Seed Bank

California Cannabis Seed Bank

Now that it's lawful to cultivate cannabis in many states, a lot of people are interested in growing their own. Some growers choose to start with clones. Others opt to germinate seeds from a licensed California cannabis seed bank. Before you plant, you'll need to decide a few things:

1. What effects are you looking for?

If your primary purpose is to gear up to grow an energizing herb that doesn't put you into couch lock mode, go for sativa seeds. Should you desire a delicious, super relaxing cannabis that helps you sleep, opt for indica. Our California cannabis seed bank also stocks and sells seed to make CBD rich medicine.

2. How are your gardening skills?

If you can grow a decent crop of tomatoes, the odds of growing great ganja are in your favor. The environmental conditions that are right for growing tomatoes also happen to be appropriate for marijuana cultivation. Nonetheless, some weed strains can better tolerate less than optimal growing conditions. Some strains need a special blend of nutrients. Others practically grow themselves. If you are new to cultivation, browse our California cannabis seed bank catalog to find easy-to-grow strains. A superior seed bank can advise you as to which marijuana seeds are most apt to thrive in your micro-climate.

3. Do you plan to grow indoors or outdoors?

Any cannabis seed can be planted indoors or strewn outside, but some strains stand a better chance in one or the other. Climate-controlled conditions of hydroponic crops may deliver a more frequent harvest. Outdoor cultivators generally harvest once or twice a year. Indoor growers need to consider lighting, energy prices, climate control and plant upkeep. Outdoor growers must note things like proximity of neighbors and schools, expected rainfall and the weather zone in which they plan to cultivate. All of these factors matter when choosing your California cannabis seed bank seeds.

4. How much room can you devote to your garden?

When your California cannabis seed bank seeds first germinate, it may be hard for you to imagine how tall they will eventually be. Genetics, pruning and root size are factors that determine the tallness of your mature plants. Sativa-dominant strains tend to produce taller and narrower plants than their bushy indica equivalents.

5. How long can you wait for your first harvest?

The finishing time of marijuana plants varies from strain to strain. Some plants are ripe and ready to go two months after first flower. Other strains, including long-flowering sativas, may take three months or more to finish.

The only way to be sure that you're buying viable seed with guaranteed genetics is to shop at licensed California cannabis seed bank. We are a collective of marijuana entrepreneurs who believe that every grower should have easy access to first class cannabis seed for a fair price. Whether you intend to grow for medical or recreational purposes, i49 marijuana seed bank is ready to take your call at 1-855-888-6452.

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California Cannabis Seed Bank