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California Seed Banks Online

California Seed Banks Online

If you ask us, these are exciting times in the cannabis industry. Now that weed is legal to grow in a lot of states, many California seed banks are online. i49 is one of them, and frankly, we're one of the best. We offer a splendid selection of seed for medicinal and recreational marijuana cultivation.

What sort of weed do you want to grow?

If it's super chill, sleep inducing herb you desire, check our California seed banks online catalog for indica strains such as Blueberry Auto-flower, AK47 x White Widow, Candy Cream and Critical Haze. Want to wake 'n' bake and get on with your day? Opt for seeds that grow spectacular sativas, including Durban Poison, Girl Scout Cookies and Sour Diesel.

Indoor or outdoor

Before you order from California seed banks online and germinate your weed seeds, you've got to know where you wanna grow. Indoor conditions are controllable, but you'll need to manage lighting and watering to create the ideal climate for cultivation. Outdoor growers have a little more leeway, but must remain mindful of visibility and proximity to neighbors and schools. If you have room for an outdoor patch, you can grow flavorful herb in natural sunshine. If you live where weather is not optimal, and indoor cannabis garden might suit your purposes perfectly.

Feminized seed: good idea?

Very good idea. As you browse our California seed banks online catalog, you will see many mentions of feminized seed. If you desire a cannabis crop that is 100% female, it's relatively easy to make that happen, and it all starts with the seed. Feminized seed from California seed banks online are genetically altered to ensure a minimum of 95% percent female cannabis plants. Experienced marijuana users know that female ganja plants deliver more THC, CBN and CBD than their male counterparts.

Other ways to encourage female plants

Before feminized seeds were available for sale at California seed banks, pot growers came up with some pretty novel ways to ensure the growth of female weed plants. Some growers introduced ethylene to young crops by laying overripe bananas between the rows. Is there a theory behind this trick? Actually, there is. Ethylene gas overwhelms young marijuana plants with a plant hormone right before it designates its own sex. Old school ethylene tricks may work, but please understand that ethylene sprays can be phytotoxic if applied in hot weather, warns High Times magazine.

Feminized seed can save you money

One ounce of top shelf weed can go for several hundred dollars. For a person who consumes a generous amount of grass, the price of staying in stash adds up in a hurry. If you grow a crop that's guaranteed to be full of sticky girls, you won't waste money and time harvesting males.

Feminized seeds finish faster

Feminized and auto-flowering seeds may deliver a healthy marijuana harvest in eight weeks. Feminized seeds from California seed banks online are bred with ruderalis genetics to produce finished plants in a fraction of the time it typically takes to grow from standard seed.

To know more about feminized seed, call i49 California seed banks online at 1-855-888-6452.

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California Seed Banks Online