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California Seed Companies

California Seed Companies

Many people are curious about growing their own cannabis. Growing marijuana plants can be fun and provide you with some cannabis that you want for your personal use. Growing marijuana plants isn’t complicated but it does require some knowledge. You will need to purchase high quality seeds from reputable California seed companies.

Choosing Cannabis Seeds

Once you have decided to grow marijuana plants the next step is to purchase seeds. You want to make sure that you buy seeds from reputable California seed companies. Decide whether you will be planting them inside or outside since some strains are hardier than others.

When you are starting marijuana plants from seed you will need to gather a few essential items. You may choose to soak your seeds to start the germination process. The easiest option for beginning growers is to buy some germination pods. These are made for general seed-starting for all kinds of seeds so you can find them anywhere.

It is usually best to start growing your seeds indoors where you can control the climate. However, you will need to provide a light source that is designed for plants. Choose an area that is neither too cold nor too hot. A large table where you can place the seed trays under a lamp is an ideal location.

Marijuana Seed Options

There are many types and varieties of marijuana plant seeds available from California seed companies. It is helpful to understand your choices before making a selection. Marijuana plants grow to be either male or female. In general, female plants produce the best and most useable marijuana. California seed companies offer feminized seeds. These have been cultivated to produce female plants.

Some people try to use clones to grow marijuana plants. This can be tricky and the results are often less than adequate. It is usually much more advantageous to plant seeds than try to use clones. Seeds produce a much stronger and hardier root system and therefore a healthier plant. Plants from seeds will generally produce better yields and experience less stess.

Plants grown from seeds have less risk of disease or harm from pests. Most importantly, when you plant seeds you can choose the types and strains of plants that you prefer. There are many different types and each has its own effects that you will likely feel.

Some plants are grown from auto-flowering seeds. These are typically the easiest to grow, especially for beginners. They bloom automatically according to their regular growth cycle. This allows for better production. It is also easier to tend to the demands of growing marijuana plants when you use auto-flowering seeds. Growing marijuana plants can be easy when you choose seeds from a reputable company.

Look for seeds that are considered easy to grow and those that will produce high quality results with little effort. This will allow you to begin growing cannabis and get some actual results. Once you are comfortable with growing marijuana plants you can purchase a variety of different seeds and try new strains.

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California Seed Companies