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California Weed Seeds

California Weed Seeds

According to the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), marijuana is non-toxic and cannot cause a death by overdose. Then why are people passing out on the street in a Connecticut town as was recently reported in the news? The answer is that the users were using marijuana spiked with “something” that is supposed to create the same high as marijuana with a lower cost to the seller.

And what is that “something”? The chemicals that are used in synthetic marijuana are twins of THC, the chemical that gives the marijuana high. But these synthetic cannabinoids and THC are far from being identical twins. They are known by the street name “spice” and “K2” and are much more potent than THC. They can produce a wide array of side effects like chest pain, kidney damage, loss of vision and even psychosis.

The risk of using cannabis products that are chemically treated by a person who is probably not a chemist, or a pharmacist not trained in proper dosing techniques, is one huge reason why people want to “grow their own.” At i49 Seed Bank, every seed offered is genetically authentic and safe with no dangerous chemical additions.

Ethyl Alcohol, Nicotine or THC?

Another topic of discussion is the comparison of risks between the use of California weed seeds and alcohol. Everyone agrees that driving while under the influence of any drug is a bad idea and is not a point of discussion for this article.

But the toxicity of ethyl alcohol compared to THC clearly favors THC. It takes about 30 drinks (a drink being one 12 oz beer, a shot of whiskey or a glass of wine) to kill an average person with alcohol poisoning while a person would have to take in close to 50 pounds of average potency marijuana to have fatal consequences. That is a lot of marijuana brownies to ingest!

What about the risks of marijuana use compared to cigarettes? This is answered in one word, and that word is again: chemicals. The California weed seeds “laundry list” for tobacco treated for cigarette manufacture includes:

  • Acetone – chemical solvent commonly associated with nail polish remover.

  • Acetic Acid – Vinegar is 5% acetic acid. But don’t think that acetic acid from cigarettes will yield benefits like apple cider vinegar.

  • Ammonia – a good window cleaner.

  • Arsenic – Added to elderberry wine by elderly ladies and served to male guests.

  • Benzene – Known carcinogen.

  • Butane – Lighter fluid.

  • Carbon monoxide – a product of incomplete combustion such as auto exhaust.

The main drawback to smoking marijuana is that the user will inhale the smoke deep into the lungs and this is different than the puff and exhale that cigarette smokers may use to minimize the intake of nicotine and the above list of chemicals.

No one is going to claim that smoking marijuana is entirely safe, so the reader is encouraged to research topics comparing nicotine and THC and judge for themselves the comparative risks. At i49 Seed Bank, the products are pure of any added chemicals and will yield the highest quality cannabis product sold today.

For more information, our customer service number is 1-855-888-6452, and you can use the online form to send us a message about the safety of i49 seeds.

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California Weed Seeds