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Cannabis Seed Bank

Cannabis Seed Bank

Why take a chance on planting inferior seeds? You are certainly welcomed to try to sprout the contents of that old film canister. Nonetheless, your best bet is to purchase guaranteed genetics from a reputable cannabis seed bank.

What is a seed bank

Seed banking safeguards against plant disease and conserves genetic diversity, explains a professor at the Svalbard Global Seed Vault in Norway. Built in an abandoned mine below the permafrost on the far north island of Spitsbergen, the Svalbard seed bank secures around a half a million seed specimens at 18 degrees Fahrenheit. This diverse gene pool helps to ensure the continuation of crops in the event of an environmental catastrophe.

Funded in large part by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the purpose of the Svalbard seed vault is to protect plant biodiversity permanently. At the time of this writing, the vault houses some 430,000 specimens. Ultimately, the seed bank may store more than 4.5 million seed samples, notes Source Trace magazine. Global Crop Diversity Trust and Bioversity International are just two of the groups that fund other seed banks around the world. From Portland to St. Petersburg, seed banks protect and preserve food crop seeds.

Cannabis seed banks

Many of today's marijuana strains are grown from feminized seed. While this is a great way to ensure the femaleness of a crop, plants derived from feminized seeds produce no seeds of their own. To replenish these sorts of ganja patches, one must obtain clones or seeds. A cannabis seed bank such as i49 offers a splendid selection of indica, sativa and hybrid seed with which to cultivate your next garden.

Here at i49, we are pleased to present a remarkable assortment of seed to suit every sort of marijuana cultivation purpose.

* Love Potion is a hearty sativa-dominant hybrid derived from crossbreeding Marta Columbian Gold and G-13 marijuana. Distinctly citrusy and skunky, this herbal variety offers a grapefruit scented smoke that may be used to counteract depression, anxiety, and lethargy. This strain gets its name from its powers to arouse with a nice body buzz. Love Potion from our cannabis seed bank takes around ten weeks to flower.

* Blue Amnesia Haze lovingly combines the psychedelic buzz of Amnesia Haze with the relaxed euphoria provided by Blueberry strains. The seeds are easy to germinate and relatively forgiving during the growing cycles. If you are a first-time grower, ask your favorite cannabis seed bank about Blue Amnesia Haze.

The surest way to know you're getting a viable seed with guaranteed genetics is to purchase from a reputable cannabis seed bank. i49 is a collective of cannabis entrepreneurs who believe that every marijuana farmer ought to have easy, legal access to top quality cannabis seed for a fair and reasonable price. We're proud of our reputation as an excellent source of seed, whether you intend to grow for medical or recreational reasons. Weed pros at i49 marijuana seed bank are ready to take your call to 1-855-888-6452.

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Cannabis Seed Bank