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Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis Seeds

Now that marijuana cultivation is legal in many states, more and more everyday people have become quite interested in growing cannabis. Some cultivators opt to grow plants from clones. Others choose to germinate and grow their ganja crops by way of cannabis seeds.

Before you grow, you'll want to consider a few things:

What effects do you seek?

If your main purpose is to cultivate an energizing herb that inspires creativity while providing a positive body high, choose cannabis sativa seeds. Should your intent be to grow a super relaxing ganja that gives you a heady high and helps you sleep, opt to cultivate your own cannabis indica. There are also cannabis seeds that are just right for making medicine. i49 can help you select the cannabis seeds that are ideal for your purposes.

How advanced are your non-pot gardening skills?

If you can successfully grow a good crop of delicious tomatoes, you can probably grow a great crop of weed. The environmental conditions appropriate to tomatoes also happen to be right for cannabis cultivation. Of course, some cannabis strains are better at tolerating less than perfect growing conditions than others. Certain strains require a lot of fine-tuning of nutrients. Other strains will thrive practically anywhere. If you are a first time cultivator, opt for an easy-to-grow strain. A savvy seed bank can give you a good idea of which cannabis seeds are most likely to flourish under your care.

How much room can you dedicate to cultivation?

When your cannabis seeds first sprout, it may be hard to imagine how tall they will grow. Several factors, including genetics, root size, and pruning are involved in determining the mature height of cannabis plants. Sativa-dominant plants tend to be taller and narrower than their bushy indica counterparts.

Will you grow indoors or outdoors?

Any seed can be grown indoors or outside, but some strains do much better in one or the other. Climate-controlled conditions of indoor crops may yield more frequent harvests per square foot of canopy space. Outdoor gardeners typically harvest cannabis crops once or twice a year.

Indoor costs to consider include climate controls, lighting, energy prices and plant maintenance. Outdoor cultivators must mind factors such as proximity to neighbors, anticipated rainfall, nearby schools and the specific micro-climate weather zone in which they intend to grow. All of these factors are keys to choosing cannabis seeds.

How long can you wait for harvest?

The finishing time of cannabis varies from strain to strain. Some plants are ready to harvest two months after flowering. Others, such as long-flowering sativa strains, can take up to three months or longer to finish.

Is it legal to grow weed where you are?

Before shopping for cannabis seeds online or anywhere, be certain that cultivation is legalized in your locality. Once you know for sure that you can legally plant and grow cannabis seeds in your region, order your seeds online or give i49 a call at 1-855-888-6452.

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Cannabis Seeds
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