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Cannabis Seeds California

Cannabis Seeds California

The Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA) was passed into California law in November of 2016 allowing people aged 21 and up to possess, consume or share one ounce of cannabis and to grow up to six plants at their homes for personal use. AUMA also addressed the commercial sale, distribution, and production at state-licensed establishments, making that legal on New Year’s Day in 2018.

Finally, 85 years after the repeal of prohibition, Marijuana users could be heard singing “Happy Days are Here Again” re-living the experience that their great-grandparents had in 1933 when they could again legally buy alcohol. The law does allow local governments some powers to restrict cannabis but for the most part, marijuana is now legal.

Enterprising people soon took advantage of the new laws, and in the first few months of 2018, consumers spent over 330 million dollars on marijuana products and cannabis seeds in California. Surprisingly, this was well under the sales estimates made by the State of California.

Seeds Galore

The dispensaries can take many forms like a lounge or sports bar or that of a holistic medical clinic. But frankly, these establishments might not appeal to the typical user who wants to grow a few plants and perhaps experiment much like the homebrew hobbyist.

To fill this need, i49 was created as mail order on-line cannabis seeds in California shop to allow customers to get the proverbial discreet and unmarked package of cannabis seeds delivered to their doorstep.

I49 offers three categories of seed:

  • Cannabis Seeds – i49 has 20 varieties of cannabis seeds including the popular Durban Poison that is self-described by i49 as the “Espresso of Cannabis.” It is a strain of pure Sativa, and it has a high THC content. Lemon Skunk Regular Seeds is an example of an Indica-dominant hybrid with a lemony aroma and high potency.

  • Feminized Seeds – The experienced grower will know that feminized seeds offer fast and simple cultivation and i49 features nine varieties including Love Potion Autoflowering Feminized Seeds which is a is a Sativa Dominant hybrid marijuana seed. Feminized seeds cost a bit more, but overall they are a better choice over regular seeds.

  • Easy to Grow Seeds – As the name implies the benefit of this category will go to the grower who might not want to pay constant attention to his or her crop. One interesting seed is the Girl Scout Cookies Crossed with Jack Herer Feminized Seed. This is a mixture of 55% Indica and 45% Sativa, two highly successful strains that offer high potency as well as the ease of growth.

The legalities in some US states and Canada is still a grey area, and i49 is aware that shipments will sometimes become lost or confiscated. If this happens, i49 will reship the package for free.

International shipments to Australia and New Zealand suffer an approximate 10% risk of seizure and i49 will handle each loss on an individual basis. For more information call i49 at 1-855-888-6452 or fill out the online form to send i49 your questions and concerns.

Cannabis Seeds California

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Cannabis Seeds California