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High Grade Seeds Usa

High Grade Seeds Usa

Where to Obtain High Grade Seeds in USA

Growing Cannabis plant has been popular and useful nowadays not just for recreational purposes but also for medical. It is important that growers understand the importance of choosing high-quality seeds. We at i49 is not just any seed bank in California, we offer a vast choice of premium high grade seeds in USA.

Sourcing high-quality cannabis seeds should be done meticulously, making sure you get the right genetics of the plant you wanted to yield. Keeping the plants healthy by providing the needed nutrients, watering system and the right lighting strategy is essential for you to achieve your desired output.

How to Recognize Quality Cannabis Seeds

It is imperative to say that all marijuana seeds can look the same, and identifying the priced seed is beneficial. There are also other factors that can prevent you from getting quality cannabis seeds. One factor is the illegality and difficulty shipping the seeds to the US. The seeds may have been packaged poorly and mishandled during shipment.

The easiest way to get high-quality seeds is to buy them through an online seed bank that guarantees feminized and germinating seeds. Online seedbanks also offer safe processing, stealth packaging, secured delivery, and fast shipment.

What are the Types of Cannabis Seeds?

There are different seeds in the market right now; we understand it can be confusing so we list a short summary.

Regular Seeds - The seeds in this pack are either male or feminine. There is no guarantee to know the kinds of seeds you will be growing. However, there’s a chance for them to grow feminine if cultivated in a well-cared environment.

Medicinal Seeds - The medicinal cannabis is produced specifically for medicinal use. Although all cannabis has medicinal properties in it, some types are cultivated to produce the right active substance for certain conditions.

Feminised Seeds - These are genetically cultivated to produce feminine plants with 95% success rate. Feminine cannabis plants are the ones that produce flowers with high contents of CBD, THC, and CBN compared to the male plant.

Autoflowering Seeds - The seeds are either from indica or sativa cannabis plant crossed with rudenalis to alter the plant's genetics and grow in climates with short summers. The seeds when planted will grow and bloom in two to three weeks’ time, although it contains lesser THC you get to produce good flower heads in a short time.

The Best Source of High-Quality Seeds

The cannabis industry had grown dramatically in the last few years, and there are numerous cannabis seeds available in the market today. It can be confusing as these seeds look the same, which is why it is important to buy at a trusted store.

If you are a beginner on this journey and wanted to try growing, i49 offer different sample pack to choose from. We offer high grade seeds in USA with safe and secure processing, discreet packaging, and ships directly to your door.

High Grade Seeds Usa

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High Grade Seeds Usa