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Idaho Cannabis Seed Bank Online

Idaho Cannabis Seed Bank Online

The state that fills America's collective belly with potatoes is not nearly so generous to marijuana growers. Cannabis cultivation in the Gem State can net you actual jail time. So, it stands to reason that you won't find an Idaho cannabis seed bank online.

Don't even think about growing grass in Idaho

Anyone apprehended growing grass faces the possibility of stiff penalties in Idaho.Cultivation of 25 to 50 pot plants nets a minimum of three years in prison. For 100 plants or more, the penalties are even more severe. Get caught growing 100 or more cannabis clones, and you could spend five years of your life in jail and pay a $50,000 fine, too.

If you wish to grow marijuana for medical or recreational reasons, please do so in a state where it is allowed. Idaho cannabis seed bank aren't online because the state is just too tight with its pot laws. Opt instead to cultivate crops in California, Oregon, Washington D.C. Or another locale where laws are lax regarding pot farms. Never mind the fact that you cannot buy from an Idaho cannabis seed bank online. There are many reputable online seed banks where you can safely (and legally) purchase sativa seeds, indica seeds and seeds to grow hybrid marijuana strains.

2 Good Reasons to Grow Your Own


Cultivating your own ganja is generally more cost-effective than buying from a dispensary. Growing your own weed is typically cheaper than buying through a middle-man, too. Yes, you will shell out some start-up costs at the outset of your grow operation. But, once it's going full-tilt and producing harvests, your investment will be recouped in no time flat. In today's retail marijuana market, two pounds of quality colas can run $6,000 or more, explains Big Buds magazine.

Cultivation is a fun hobby

Have you ever had a good time with non-marijuana gardening? How about raising pets or putting together a tropical aquarium? Cannabis cultivation can be that sort of fun. When you germinate seed from our decidedly not Idaho cannabis seed bank online, you connect with nature in ways that are very uplifting. Cannabis horticulture can be accomplished to make medicine or super buzzy recreational weed. What you grow is up to you. Self-reliance and competence are just a couple of the life lessons you can learn when you grow ganja from i49 seeds. 

Home cultivation is good for genetic diversity

A lot of cannabis growers concentrate on cultivating the same strains crop after crop. Blue Dream, OG Kush, Trainwreck and Tangie are marvelous marijuana strains, but why not start from scratch next time you plant a crop? Clones are easy to be sure, but where's the fun in growing a plant that someone else started? Take your sweet time, and learn everything you can about strains and seed varietals. Start a few new strains, and expand the genetic diversity of the entire cannabis industry.

Forget about buying from an Idaho cannabis seed bank. Bookmark our homepage right now and come back every time you need potent weed seed.

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Idaho Cannabis Seed Bank Online