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Indica Seeds Usa

Indica Seeds Usa

Where to Buy Cannabis Indica Seeds in USA

It is evident that the use of cannabis for medical purposes is growing worldwide. Medical cannabis treats different illnesses, offers physical and mental relaxation, boosts appetite, helps with sleep, and reduces pain.

There are two types of medicinal cannabis - the Indica and Sativa. Both types have their own benefits, and it is important to know which strain is right for you. Here at i49, we are dedicated to providing you the best Cannabis Sativa or Indica seeds in USA to grow.

What is Cannabis Indica?

Jean Baptiste named the leaf Cannabis Indica that was introduced in the 18th century to distinguish different types of Cannabis. It is believed to have psychoactive varieties. The Indica seeds are discovered and mainly harvested in India for its seeds, hash, and fiber.

The physicalities of Indica Cannabis make it distinguishable from Sativa Cannabis. It is short in structure, with broad leaves, shorter flowering cycle, and suitable in colder with shorter seasons. It is also believed to have more sedating effects and best used for relaxation before bedtime, perfect for those who have difficulty sleeping, with chronic pain, anxiety, and to relax muscle pain.

Cultivation of Cannabis Indica

Cannabis Indica is cultivated traditionally in Southern Asia to form charas. Charas is a hand-made hashish form of cannabis made from the plant’s resin (Indica or Sativa). The Charas cultivation is different from the hashish; the charas is made from a live cannabis plant while the hashish is from the dead cannabis.

Studies made by pharmacology shows that Indica has lesser THC contents than Sativa giving you higher CBD contents that give one a more relaxation or “stoned” feeling and less of the “high”.

Strains of Cannabis Indica

There are two known strains of Cannabis Indica, Kush and Northern Lights. Kush named after the Hindu Kush Mountain, growing locally in Afghanistan, North-West India, and Northern Pakistan. It is also among those brought by the GW Pharmaceuticals to cultivate and use for commercial trial for medicinal cannabis.

While the Northern Lights Cannabis Indica strain has been popular and well received by growers and consumers alike, its lineage was believed to have come from Afghanistan and Thailand. It has 95% Indica and 5% Sativa contents, giving a high relaxation and best in treating insomnia and properties that benefits in relieving pain.

Northern Lights is a popular plant with a small to medium height and can be grown indoor or outdoor. Growing it outdoor requires moderately warm and sunny climate. Growers love this plant as it can bloom well even with less care. It can produce flowers in 6 to 8 weeks and is relatively fast compared to other strains.

Where to get your Indica Seeds in USA?

Cannabis Indica plants typically grow faster with higher yield. This wide leaf, bushy and short plant is compact with high resistance to diseases and molds became a favorite among growers.

You can get your Indica seeds at I49, a California Seedbank, we offer high-quality seeds, processed securely, shipped and delivered to your door in a discrete manner. Contact us today and choose the perfect strain for you to grow.


Indica Seeds Usa

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Indica Seeds Usa