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Los Angeles Seed Bank

Los Angeles Seed Bank

Since January 1, 2018, it has been legal to cultivate and use marijuana for purposes of recreation in California. No longer does an adult need to carry a medical marijuana card to grow, buy or otherwise obtain cannabis. For people who wish to purchase clones or seeds from a Los Angeles seed bank, this is excellent news.

Proposition 64

Also known as the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, Prop 64 was passed by California voters on November 8, 2016. The Golden State had been easing toward legalization for some time. First, medical cannabis was decriminalized in 1996. That's the same year that compassionate care centers were established in many California cities. For several years prior, people caught with small amounts of marijuana had been subjected to fines, but no jail time for holding less than one ounce of weed. Today, adult residents may make purchases at a Los Angeles seed bank without fear of arrest or other legal reprisal. The law also makes allowances for licensed businesses to hold and sell marijuana for both medical and recreational use.

So, now that it's legal to buy seeds from a Los Angeles seed bank and grow marijuana in California, what seed shops will get your business? Many growers and cannabis connoisseurs prefer to buy seed from i49. We provide authentic genetics for a fair price, and we'll never make substitutions without your expressed consent.

i49 seeds are guaranteed to germinate

If you've ever tried to sprout a batch of worthless weed seed, you know what a frustration it is. That's why i49 offers an iron-clad guarantee with every purchase from our Los Angeles seed bank. It doesn't happen often, but once in a while, i49 seed can be adversely affected by air pressure changes and temperature fluctuations during the delivery process. If this ever happens to a shipment that we send to you, and if you have carefully followed our germination instructions and your i49 seed doesn't sprout, we will send you a replacement packet of cannabis seed for a small reshipping cost.

Specialized seed to know about

* Feminized seeds

For a highly flowering crop wherein every plant blossoms and yields, feminized seeds are essential. By way of a process called feminization, the grower is assured that each seed in a batch is a female with two X chromosomes. The one drawback to this sort of seed is that plants grown from feminized seed will not produce seeds of their own.

* Auto-flowering seed

With this sort of seed, the need to alter the daylight-to-darkness ratio is eliminated. Plant auto-flowering seed and it will progress to the flowering stage without the need to be triggered by a change in plant perceived daylight hours. Auto-flowering seeds can be grown indoors or outdoors and typically yield plants that average 12 to 23 inches tall. This variety of seed generally produces a marijuana harvest around nine weeks after germination.

If you're enthused about being a cannabis grower, please call i49 at 1-855-888-6452. Let's discuss your needs as well as the sweet selection of seed we sell at our Los Angeles seed bank.

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Los Angeles Seed Bank