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Low Thc Seeds For Sale Online

Low Thc Seeds For Sale Online

Where to Find Low THC Seeds For Sale Online

Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is the chemical compound found in the cannabis plant. It over-activates parts of the brain containing the highest number of cell receptors, causing people to get a euphoric high after consuming cannabis.

The more THC in your strains, the more you will feel the other side effects of THC including mood changes and difficulty thinking. In extremely high doses, it can even cause hallucination and delusions.

Here at, we have strains with moderate levels of THC. If you are searching low THC seeds for sale online, you can choose from our Seeds Shop. Browse from our shop for a variety of cannabis strains that can be used for medicinal and recreational purposes.

Why Choose Low THC Strains

Beginners are often advised to start with strains containing little amounts of THC. This is to prevent the unlikely side effects that come with high amounts of this active ingredient. THC has the same chemical structure as CBD but it produces a “high” unlike the latter.

In medicinal purposes like in children with Dravet syndrome, strains with a low amount of THC and high CBD are being used. CBD is used for treating seizures, nausea, inflammation, and pain. If you are looking for cannabis strains with weaker THC strains, here are the top choices:


ACDC has a THC level of 6%. Do note that the CBD content of this strain is very high, which makes it ideal for treating severe pain and even cancer. It provides a great balance of both Sativa and Indica strains. This strain is known for its effect on alleviating depression and inflammation. There is a hemp version of this strain that has a THC as low as 1%.

Fast Eddy

This low THC and high CBD strain is a combination of Juanita La Lagrimosa and the Cheese. On average, the THC content of Fast Eddy is 9%. Like the Juanita La Lagrimosa, it has a smooth effect and will make you feel relaxed. It is applicable for treating inflammation and depression. It grows rapidly and it is known for its rich and distinct flavor.

Easy Bud

The THC content is around 10-17%. This hybrid weed is classified as a ruderalis plant. Like the other plants from their strain, it is easy to grow. This makes it suitable for novice growers. It is mostly used for treating pain and nausea. Sometimes, it is also used for treating anxiety and depression. Users feel the sedating effect of Easy Bud. It's rare but users also feel more energized after consuming Easy Bud.

Where to Buy Low THC seeds for Sale Online

The Internet is a great place to find so many sellers of cannabis seeds. However, not all of them offer high-quality strains. For genuine strains, only get your seeds from You will save more money buying online than getting it from seed banks that can be very expensive. We provide guaranteed shipping to our customers.

Low Thc Seeds For Sale Online

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Low Thc Seeds For Sale Online