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Marijuana Seed Bank

Marijuana Seed Bank

Wondering who i49 is? We are a marijuana seed bank owned and operated by a group of entrepreneurs who believe that anyone who wishes to grow herb for medicinal or recreational purposes should have access to world-class seed.

What sort of weed should I grow?

We hear this question often, especially from newbie cultivators. We're happy to provide a succinct, two-word answer: it depends. What do you want from your crop? Do you desire an uplifting, energizing cannabis, or would you prefer to focus on growing weed that's super stony?

Cannabis Sativa

One of two distinct species of cannabis, sativa strains grow tall and narrow. If you want to grow hardy outdoor-friendly plants, cannabis sativa and cannabis-dominant strains could be precisely what you're looking for. Grassy and aromatic, sativa strains tend to be more energizing than their indica cousins.

When experienced growers want a crop that may facilitate creative energy, they explore sativa strains that are available at a reliable marijuana seed bank. These warm-weather Central American and Southeast Asian natives offer a lot in the way of happy effects:

  • Sativa may enhance creative thoughts
  • Sativa stimulates appetite
  • Sativa may suppress depression
  • Sativa can reduce or eliminate nausea
  • Well being and a sense of peace tend to go hand in hand with cannabis sativa

Popular sativa strain

Durban Poison

Euphoric and uplifting, Durban Poison provides THC levels up to 25% but won't easily put you to sleep. Daylight tokers have plenty of good reasons to ask for Durban at a marijuana seed bank. Outdoor-friendly Durban may attain 12 feet and typically harvests in late September. Indoor cultivators can expect a large crop of dank Durban in around nine weeks.

Cannabis Indica

With origins in India, Pakistan, the Near East and Eastern Europe, cannabis indica strains were probably introduced to North America by well-traveled hippies in the 1960s and 70s. Short and compact, indica strains do not typically grow taller than six feet. Many growers who want a slow-you-down sort of herb go for indica when shopping at their favorite marijuana seed bank.

Indica strains tend to be sedative in nature. When compared to sativas that are fun to puff before doing an activity, indicas may inspire you to nap. If you need to address tasks that require deep concentration, opt for sativa strains over cannabis indica.

  • Indica is an ideal strain for after-work recreation
  • Indica use may lead to sleep and inspire dreams
  • Indica use may contribute to “couch-lock.”
  • Indica is deeply relaxing
  • Strong body high

Popular Indica strain

Lemon Skunk

Derived from Citrus Skunk and Skunk #1, this lemony stinker provides a strong smoke with joyous, uplifting characteristics. Medical cannabis farmers purchase Lemon Skunk from marijuana seed banks to grow a fragrant herb that offers pain relief and stress reduction.

When you're ready to know more about how to choose the best cannabis strains, please call i49 marijuana seed bank at 1-855-888-6452. By the way, we sell hybrid seed, too.

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Marijuana Seed Bank