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Marijuana Seeds Near Me

Marijuana Seeds Near Me

Order High-Quality Marijuana Seeds Near Me at I49

Are you thinking of something that will look good in your garden? Have you ever thought of the idea “ marijuana seeds near me”? Well, think no further because I49 Seed Bank has what you need. With our huge line of products from cannabis, auto-flowering, to CBD seeds and more, we will make your residential garden look greater than before.

With us, you are ensured to get the very best quality and effectiveness of our products since they are tested and proven before we even sell them.  We also make sure that even the most beginners of growers may be able to grow these seeds without worrying about the schedules of light and ratios of darkness.

We Have Genuine Seeds

We sell multiple types of marijuana seeds near me like cannabis seeds in sample packs, regular and premium, dwarf, short-flowering period, outdoor and indoor cannabis, sativa, and indica. We also have the auto-flowering and CBD seeds which are perfect to set the mood of your residential garden. Regarding male seeds, sometimes they just do not fit the bill so we also provide our clients with fruitful feminized seeds in their garden and houses if that is what they want.

We give our customers the most-handled-and-cared-for seeds. They are given our utmost and proper attention for maximum shelf life and efficiency they can provide such as storing them in proper temperatures with no access to any amount of light or moisture.

How to Store Your Seeds?

We strongly suggest that you keep your seeds in a container that is sealed and free from moisture. They should be stored in a place that is dry, dark, and cool with temperatures near 390F or 40C. Moisture makes the seed start with its process of germination while light simply causes the seed to be damaged. We recommend that you put your seeds in something like a canister of film or a mason jar that is blacked out and store it in a refrigerator or a dark closet that is cool.

How We Attend to Shipping and other Policies

At I49 Seed Bank, we do our best to comply with shipping within 24 hours you make an order. We try our hardest to ensure that your shopping experience is made as fast as possible. We also offer our customers with hundred percent guarantees to feminized seeds, auto-flowering, and authentic genetics. There will also be no substitution if you have not given us your permission. Unfortunately, we do not accept returns since we would never resell any returned products.

We provide a secure online shopping experience with our secure servers for payment, encrypting your customer information via a provider of merchant services for cannabis. All data which you create during and after the process are safe. We will never share any of your data for any kind of reason. Our shipping packages are also labeled discreetly making them unnoticeable.

We do not do refunds. All sale transactions are final. There will be no exchanges so be careful with placing your orders.

Contact Us

I49 Seed Bank provides a phone number whenever you require assistance or have a comment regarding our company or any of our products. You can call us at 1-855-888-6452, or visit us at for more of our FAQs, history, terms & conditions, and privacy policy.

We welcome your comments!

Marijuana Seeds Near Me