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Marijuana Seeds Online

Marijuana Seeds Online

When buying marijuana seeds online, there’s a lot to consider. For guaranteed authenticity and high quality, consider i49 cannabis seeds for your outdoor garden or indoor growing room. We’re proud to offer affordable seeds that are guaranteed to germinate- discreetly packaged and shipped right to your door.

Save Time and Money

Why make the long trip to a dispensary when you can order top quality cannabis seeds from the comfort of your home? It’s not only legal to purchase marijuana seeds online, but it’s also incredibly convenient, safe, and completely secure. Whether you live in the US or Canada- or any other location worldwide, we are a one-stop shop for Kind Seeds that are easy to grow.

Auto Flower Benefits

We stock a wide range of auto flower cannabis seeds that eliminate the need to change daylight hours for growing in order to induce flowering. Our auto flower seeds are not the results of genetic modifications; rather, they are the fruits of labor from many years of careful breeding. The results mean considerable advantages to the grower. Our auto flower strains take just 8-9 weeks to go from seed to harvest, with no worry about daylight hours.

Easy to Grow Options

If you’ve never purchased marijuana seeds online or even grown cannabis in the past, our easy-to-grow strains will take all the guesswork out of growing top-quality marijuana. These are some of the most sought-after strains being produced today, such as Blueberry Auto Flower, Love Potion Auto Flower, Blue Ice, AK47, Blue Timewarp, Island Dream, and many others.

Feel free to reach out to one of our seed experts for more information on our strains. If you’re looking for a strain with a high CBD or THC content, we can make a recommendation based on your objectives. We welcome the opportunity to help you choose the right seeds for your growing application. Our FAQ section is available to revisit any time you’re looking for answers to commonly asked questions.

What About Short Flowering Seasons?

We have cannabis seeds for growing areas that may not offer the same climate advantages of warm-weather regions. If your growing zone is typically considered a limited region, click our ‘Short Flowering Season’ seeds link located under ‘Easy to Grow Seeds’ to find out how easy it is to grow cannabis without a long summer.

We Want to Be Your Single Source for Seeds

Placing an order from i49 is easy. If you’re feeling apprehensive about ordering marijuana seeds online, you can rest easy knowing your entire order is guaranteed for authenticity, delivery, quality, and germination. Very few seed banks can make this same claim, but we are committed to providing the highest level of customer service to our customers.

Take advantage of our website’s resources, which include an update blog with informative articles and content, an exhaustive FAQ section, and additional information about our seed bank. Call us if you need assistance placing your order.

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Marijuana Seeds Online