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Maryland Cannabis Seeds

Maryland Cannabis Seeds

Under Maryland statutes, cannabis possession is treated as a misdemeanor. If you are caught and convicted of cultivating more than ten grams but less than 50 pounds of marijuana in Maryland, you may be required to serve up to one year in jail. Weight in excess of fifty pounds can get you smacked with hefty fines and jail time, too. Be smart. If you have Maryland cannabis seeds, plant and grow them in a state where cannabis cultivation is legal.

As we tell you that, we also agree that you are an adult who can do what you choose in this land of the free, right? If you're seeking Maryland cannabis seeds with which to grow a gorgeous garden of ganja, you've certainly come to the right place. We are i49, and we stock and ship a superlative selection of seeds to grow cannabis indica, cannabis sativa and numerous hybrid strains. If you need high CBD strains for medicine, we have seed for that, too.

Thinking about growing your own? Ask yourself a few questions first.

1. Can you grow enough weed that it will save you money over purchasing from dispensaries or friends? The answer to this is probably yes. Even one healthy plant can net you a pound or more of quality weed if you start with top-shelf Maryland cannabis seeds.

2. Have you the time to commit to tending a grow room or outdoor patch? Sure, cannabis is a weed, but today's super-buzzy varietals require more than a bit of tender loving care. If you can remember to provide plentiful sunlight and darkness and give your plants sufficient water, you might be a great ganja gardener after all.

3. How much grow space do you have? If you plant certain sativa strains, you can expect a very tall crop. Some colas are so strongly aromatic; nearby neighbors may smell them. Do yourself a favor and ensure your safe and secure grow space when you understand precisely what to expect as far as growing weed is concerned. Bone up on your local weed regulations, then get in touch with i49 and stock up on easy-to-grow cannabis seeds for your garden.

4. How long can you wait 'til harvest?

Some strains finish faster than others, so it's always a good idea to know what you're getting into with any Maryland cannabis seeds you want to germinate and grow. i49 offers nearly a dozen strains with shortened flowering times. A seed for Durban Poison, Blueberry, Jack Herer and White Widow are all available in our online Maryland cannabis seeds catalog.

Of course, we need to remind our readers that the above advice is intended only for those living in areas where marijuana cultivation is legal. For now, comply with your local, state and county pot laws and work to enact change if they're not as liberal and fair as you'd like. Check your county's regulations before purchasing Maryland cannabis seeds for cultivation.

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Maryland Cannabis Seeds