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Massachusetts Cannabis Seeds

Massachusetts Cannabis Seeds

When Bay State voters passed Question 4 in November 2016, adults were granted the legal right to plant and cultivate Massachusetts cannabis seeds and grow up to six marijuana plants. Residents in a single home are allowed a maximum of 12 pot plants.

Marijuana is technically against federal law, so you are not allowed to grow, hold or consume weed in public parks, national forests or at monuments. Thinking about sparking one at Boston Harbor? Forget about it. Actually, you're not allowed to smoke pot anywhere in public in Massachusetts. Don't drive while high, either. Although cannabis laws are relaxing, one should always exercise reasonable caution when growing, transporting or consuming, advises PotGuide magazine.

Now that we have that cautionary stuff out of the way let's talk about how to choose the right Massachusetts cannabis seeds for your garden.

1. First, look at the seed. You can determine much about the viability of a seed by sight. Look for dark colors that indicate a mature seed. White or pale green seeds are not as likely to germinate as seeds that are dark brown, black, deep green or intense gray. Healthy seeds typically have a slightly waxy coating. A hard shell is indicative of a healthy, ready to grow cannabis seed. If a seed is cracked, pass it by and plant pot seeds that meet the above specs, recommends MaryJanesDiary.

2. If you're ready to germinate, you can test your Massachusetts cannabis seeds by placing them in a cup of barely-warm water. Seeds that are sunken to the bottom of the cup after two hours are good bets for germination. Seeds that float for hours are not likely to be viable. This trick works for other kinds of seeds, as well.

Male or female seed

You can't tell if a marijuana seed is male or female by merely looking at it. Certain growing conditions can trigger a young female cannabis plant to become male. If you want guaranteed girls, go for feminized seed from i49. Our feminized cannabis seed produces

Can cannabis seed expire?

If you store them properly, ganja seed can stay viable for a very long time. Keep your seeds in an airtight container well away from extreme temperatures. Moisture and UV light can wreak havoc on your Massachusetts cannabis seeds.

Buy the best seed

If you want to be a great gardener, learn everything there is to know about seeds and cultivation. Here at i49, we're proud to be a preferred seed seller. Whether you want to grow for medical or recreational purposes, we have the top quality seed you need.

The surest way to know that you are buying viable Massachusetts cannabis seed with guaranteed genetics is to transact with a reputable seed bank. i49 is a collective of marijuana aficionados who believe that every grower deserves reliable access to top quality weed seed. Do you have questions about cultivating cannabis? Grow experts at i49 are standing by to take your call to 1-855-888-6452.

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Massachusetts Cannabis Seeds