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Massachusetts Marijuana Seed Bank

Massachusetts Marijuana Seed Bank

If you dropped by our i49 blog in the middle of the night, your local Massachusetts marijuana seed bank is probably closed. All the same, you may be in the mood to browse and buy cannabis seeds. If both of these things are true, you are in luck. Welcome to the online home of i49 where we stock a splendid selection of cannabis seeds for perusal and purchase.

What makes a high quality seed

Numerous factors go into determining the quality of cannabis seeds. Maturity at time of harvest is one of the most crucial. Storage is another factor that must be monitored to ensure good seed. Moisture, light and mold are enemies of great ganja seeds. If not used with 16 months of harvest, cannabis seed may be frozen. Producers.

High quality Massachusetts marijuana seed bank seeds should be very dark in color. Black, deep brown and intense green are colors typically seen on first-class weed seed. Mottled effects and spotting are normal to some strains, but cracks and holes in the seed covering are not acceptable.
Always buy seeds from a Massachusetts marijuana seed bank you can trust. If you don't know one, bookmark our page and come to i49 whenever you need a new batch of genetically-proven ganja seeds. Do biz with a company that provides customer support that can help you troubleshoot your crop if and when something goes awry.

A Few Words About Germination

When growing in nature, wild marijuana plants drop their seeds as they die off in autumn. These seeds typically overwinter in a dormant state and sprout when spring showers arrive. Many crops are grown by scattering seed by hand or machine onto prepared fields. It takes more concentration to create an exceptional ganja garden, however.

To germinate, you can place seeds between two layers of damp paper towels and keep them moist in a darkened cupboard until they sprout tiny roots. Alternately, you may pre-soak seeds before placing them into coco coir or compressed peat moss blocks of growth medium. For best germination, keep your seeds from a Massachusetts marijuana seed bank in moist soil at a temperature of between 50 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit, advises Leafly.

Clones vs. seed

Any seed contains genetic information from two parent plants, whereas a clone creates a replica of one particular plant. Typically, clone starts involve a small cutting taken from a parent plant. The cutting is treated with a rooting hormone to facilitate the growth of roots. Once rooted, a clone may be cultivated to maturity and harvested as a plant that started with a product from a Massachusetts marijuana seed bank.

Before buying from a Massachusetts marijuana seed bank or anywhere, know your local laws regarding cannabis cultivation. Once you know for sure that you are allowed plant and grow in your region, order your seeds online or give i49 a call at 1-855-888-6452.

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Massachusetts Marijuana Seed Bank