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Mj Seeds Usa

Mj Seeds Usa

Did you know you can purchase MJ seeds in US right over the internet? i49 Seed Bank carries popular and hard-to-find cannabis seeds, including high THC and high CBD content seeds for both recreational and medicinal use. Browse through our inventory to find some of the newest strains to hit the market, including Granny’s Medicine, Northern Lights, Dinamed, BeanStock Fast, and many others. Be sure to check with us first for the best prices available on top-quality seeds that come with our exclusive i49 guarantee.

New-Comers to the Scene

You may have heard about some of the newer strains and have tried to find them on the Web, only to discover they’re more than just difficult to find- they’re downright impossible to locate. Growers appreciate the fact that we work hard to keep rare cannabis seeds on hand and ready to ship out. You’ll save a lot of time and hassle by calling an i49 seed expert to ask whether we have or can obtain a particular strain. In most cases, the seeds you’re looking for are in our inventory.

Best Prices on MJ Seeds in US

The price you pay for seeds is more than just the original costs when you place an order with a seed bank online. Real value comes from buying high-quality seeds that are backed with a guarantee. At i49 Seed Bank, we are proud of our reputation as one of the most reputable seed suppliers to the growing industry. We back every seed we ship out with a triple guarantee that protects your investment. We sell seeds:

  • Guaranteed for strain authenticity
  • Guaranteed to germinate
  • Guaranteed delivered with discretion

Feminized and Autoflower Seeds

Whether you’re new to the industry or a seasoned grower, you’ll appreciate how much time and money you’ll save when you invest in our autoflower and feminized seeds. Consider carefully the benefits of each and order with confidence:

  • Autoflower seeds eliminate the need to manipulate daylight hours and control the growing environment- our seeds go from seed to harvest in less time with less labor.
  • Feminized seeds eliminate wasted space since there is no chance male plants will pop up in your garden. Every single seed you cultivate will contribute to the harvest, maximizing production and minimizing the work involved in growing.

The Safest Way to Buy MJ Seeds in US

We’ve gone above and beyond the call to ensure your purchase is protected with our secure payment gateway that accepts credit card orders. While most of the seed banks operating today still only take Bitcoin and wire transfer payments, we believe it’s in our best interest to make it easier and safer for our customers to buy from us. Check-out using your credit card, track your order from door-to-door and receive our discreetly packed and shipped seeds on time, every time. Trust our team at i49 for the freshest, highest-grade cannabis seeds obtainable.

Mj Seeds Usa

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Mj Seeds Usa