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Nevada Cannabis Seeds

Nevada Cannabis Seeds

If you are authorized to cultivate marijuana, you may be wondering where to get Nevada cannabis seeds. Well, guess what. We are i49, and we offer a spectacular selection of sativa, indica and hybrid seeds for your consideration.

*What effects do you desire?

If your primary aim is to cultivate relaxing herb that helps you sleep, try some Indica seeds or Indica-dominant strains. For an energizing herb that keeps you energized, start your plants with sativa seeds. i49 also stocks and sells seed that are right for crafting CBD tonics.

*Hybrid cannabis seeds to know about

Girl Scout Cookies crossed with Jack Herer: At 55% Indica and 45% Sativa, this happy hybrid unites two of the most successful strains of all time. Available in feminized form upon request, GS and JH are right for growers who wish to cultivate a crop starting with medical grade Nevada cannabis seeds. Order today, and your Girl Scout Cookie x Jack Herer seeds will arrive in around three to four weeks.

Mighty Mite: Medical marijuana growers who are looking for plenty of pain-relieving CBD can cultivate a crop of Indica-dominant girls and boys with Mighty Mite seed. Producing massive colas that are potent in all the right ways, Mighty Mite thrives in indoor gardens and is a great candidate for hydroponics.

Fast-flowering features

Looking for Nevada cannabis seeds that come with a short flowering period? God's Blue Diesel flowers furiously to deliver exceptional flavor and aroma in an indica-sativa hybrid. Aficionados of this brilliant bud are impressed with its ability to reduce depression and stress while providing superior pain management. Easier to cultivate than some other New York Sour Diesel crossbreeds, Gods Blue Diesel germinates to grow an average size plant.

Blue Amnesia Haze is a sativa-dominant varietal that offers the slightly psychedelic buzz of Amnesia Haze with the super stony euphoria of Blueberry. Easy to grow, Blue Amnesia Haze is more forgiving than many other strains. These are fine Nevada cannabis seeds for rank beginners. If you've never grown your own before, this is a great seed with which to start.

Love Potion cannabis seed provide a robust, sativa-dominant hybrid that comes from the interbreeding of Marta Columbian Gold and G-13 grass. Citrus-scented and skunky, this beautiful bud can be used to lift depression, reduce anxiety and eliminate lethargy. Love Potion derives its name from its ability to incite a yummy body buzz. These Nevada cannabis seeds take around ten weeks to flower.

Purchase the best seed you can afford

If you want to be a great ganja grower, first learn everything you can about cannabis seeds. Online, you have an ever-expanding selection from which to choose. Here at i49, we're proud that our customers think of us as their favorite seed seller. Whether you want to buy Nevada cannabis seed for medical or recreational purposes, we are the seed bank to do business with. Call 1-855-888-6452 right now and ask us anything.

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Nevada Cannabis Seeds