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Northern Lights Strain

Northern Lights Strain

Business is Booming with Northern Lights Strain

The easing of cannabis laws in the USA and Canada has resulted in a boom for the fledgling industry. The taboos and fears of the “reefer madness” era have given way to cannabis “boutiques” where beginners and sophisticated users can browse through the many cannabis products and accessories. The computer age has also made it easier to simply order online and wait for your package to be delivered.

One of the leaders in online cannabis sales is i49 Seed Bank with locations in Canada and the USA. They have added the science of seed banking into the mix. The light seeds are inexpensive to ship and i49 guarantees that your seeds will not be a substitute seed of lower quality and are 100% genetically authentic.

Variety is the Spice of Life

When you enter a liquor store you will see hundreds of brands of beer, wine, whiskey and champagne lining the shelves. Established brands like Jack Daniels, Maker’s Mark and Canadian Club are familiar images. Likewise, the selection of cannabis seeds at the i49 website is vast and while there is no cannabis brand as familiar as the alcoholic products mentioned above, the industry has developed some strains that might one day equal the popularity of those brands of alcoholic drinks.

One of the most well-known strains of cannabis on the market today is the Northern Lights strain. Its genetic roots can be traced to Afghanistan and were genetically blended with a Thailand Sativa plant. The most popular theory of its creation is that a breeder from the 1970s known only as “The Indian” found the right gene mixture somewhere near Seattle, Washington. Alternate stories of the Northern Lights strain have it originating in California prior to when The Indian grew it. Users claim that it gives a “pleasant body high” and a feeling of happiness and well-being.

More about Northern Lights Strain

This strain is sold in seed form from i49 under the categories of Cannabis seeds, Feminized seeds, and AUTO Seeds as pure Northern Lights seeds or mixed with a blueberry strain.  For those unfamiliar with the terms, the female plant is the desired sex by growers as the male plant does not produce a viable bud. The feminized seed package contains only seeds that will grow the female plant, thus the term “feminized”. AUTO refers to auto flowering where the blossoming of the buds is driven by the plant’s age and not the hours that it is exposed to sunlight. This makes for a more predictable growing time.

If you are a beginner to growing your own plants then i49 provides a wealth of information about the history of cannabis seed banks, how the chemicals THC, CBN, and CBD work. They dispel any myths you may have heard about marijuana and explain how it can ease simple ailments like menstrual cramps to making life better for HIV / AIDS patients and reducing the tremors and spasms of those affected with Multiple Sclerosis.

Ordering online is easy and your package will arrive with discreet and unmarked packaging in a few days (Allow a few weeks during the busy holiday season). You can call i49 at 1-855-888-6452 or use the online form to send us a message about your cannabis seed order.








Northern Lights Strain

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Northern Lights Strain