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Oregon Cannabis Seed Bank

Oregon Cannabis Seed Bank

Purchase your cannabis seeds from i49 Oregon Cannabis Seed Bank and experience the difference quality seeds can make in your next harvest. We carry only auto-flowering, feminized seeds for guaranteed success in growing. You’ll see an unbelievable crop with minimum labor and fewer hassles and worry over controlling daylight and growing environment.

Top Quality Cannabis Seeds

When you purchase from a reputable dispensary, you can count on receiving the highest quality of seeds available. It pays to be selective where you buy your marijuana seeds- our Oregon cannabis seed bank is ranked with top suppliers to the US and Canada, and we can even ship worldwide if requested.

Begin your search for the right seeds by clicking the ‘Feminized’ or ‘Auto Seeds’ link on our home page to see our popular strains. Many of our strains are currently on sale, so you can save even more when you buy through our website. View seed details and descriptions of each strain to find the right seeds for your garden or indoor growing environment. Descriptions will typically inform you whether the strain is a Sativa or Indica, whether plants will contain a high level of THC or CBD, and how long it will take to go from seed to harvest.

Why Buy Autoflower Seeds?

We hear from growers from a multitude of experience levels, many of whom ask us how to get more for their money when it comes to growing marijuana. We’ve placed our primary focus on supplying auto-flowering seeds for the simple reason that they are a better value to every customer, from beginners to experienced growers. Without having to worry about controlling daylight or other environmental factors, you’ll have more time to concentrate on other aspects of your plants’ growth.

Feminized, autoflower seeds are the best value for the money. We guarantee your success harvest after harvest when you purchase from our Oregon cannabis seed bank.

Speak With a Cannabis Expert

Feel free to call us with your questions or concerns, knowing our seed specialists will be here when you need us. Whether you need assistance choosing the right strain or are seeking growing tips and advice, we’re never far away. Fill out the brief contact form on our website, and we’ll give you a call at a time that meets your schedule.

Our FAQ section answers some of the most commonly asked questions about our products and services, such as:

  • The Difference Between Indica and Sativa Strains
  • Auto-flower Features
  • Storing Marijuana Seeds
  • Feminized Seeds Definition
  • Indoor Versus Outdoor Growing
  • Information About Our Product Guarantee
  • And Much More

Discreet Packaging and Shipping

We value your privacy and protect your identity when shipping by using discreet packaging methods and offering a delivery guarantee that provides peace of mind when purchasing seeds online from our Oregon cannabis seed bank. You can learn more about our triple guarantee in the FAQ section of our site or by sending an email to You’ll also find out contact number in the General Questions section.

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Oregon Cannabis Seed Bank