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Portland Seed Bank

Portland Seed Bank

Recreational Marijuana is now legal in some states in the US. Thirty of them currently have been approved by the law with different conditions depending on their residence. You may now purchase seeds online and be able to cultivate them on your own.

Though the majority of the states allow you to smoke marijuana either for medicinal or recreational purposes, the growing of your own seed is directive to some guidelines.

With i49, we offer an online store for Portland Seed Bank and some other locations like California. But even if we get this type of privilege, we should still be responsible in knowing what the law requires from us.

Oregon State Law on Marijuana Cultivation

The state allows a person to grow his own marijuana seed with the following condition:

  • Age requirement of 21 years old. Best to bring an ID at all times to prove you are legally allowed to possess marijuana.
  • The maximum allowable plants to grow is 4.
  • Individuals using marijuana for medicinal purposes can grow more than four plants if they are registered patients.
  • Keep away from the school premises with the distance of 1000 feet. Failure to do so may bring the person to jail for a period.

Now, even the state allows the residents to grow a plant; landlords can still decide whether or not they will allow seed growing in their property. Best to talk to your landlords before planting a seed whether indoor or outdoor.

But aside from these guidelines in growing your own plant, it is also important that you keep in mind the basic regulations of using recreational marijuana:

  • You are not allowed to bring marijuana in other states even if that state recognizes the recreational use of weed.
  • You cannot drive while you are under the influence of marijuana.
  • You can give marijuana as a gift or giveaways, but it is not allowed to accept any financial consideration.

You may still be required to undergo a drug test by your employer. Your employer has the right for whatever implementation it may be asked within his company. The existing employment law does not prohibit the employers to require their employees to pass a drug test.

Marijuana Seed Bank

We at i49, bring you seeds that you can use to cultivate different kinds of marijuana plants. We have varieties of this plant that can grow indoor or outdoor.

Indoor plants. These varieties are the smaller ones. It can come in different strains that would grow in your climate. Of course, you may need some extra care growing indoor plants as it may need extra care for sunlight.

Outdoor plants. Larger plants since it has more space than the indoor ones. But if you prefer to grow outdoor seeds, you need to use techniques when to best plant it as you don’t want your flowers to wither only because it fell on the winter season.

Our Portland seed bank delivery service ensures that you receive your order in time. We have the highest quality seeds of marijuana. Once you receive it, you may start planting. In case it did not grow, you let us know about it. We can send another batch of seeds so long as you shoulder the $10.00 shipping fee.

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Portland Seed Bank