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Pot Seeds Near Me

Pot Seeds Near Me

Pot Seeds Near Me

People tend to be very secretive about activities considered “vices” like drinking alcohol, gambling, sexual activity and smoking a joint. Secrecy is not always a bad thing as it has won wars, prevented chaos and kept foolish people from knowing more than they should. The problems with secrecy begin when it is mixed with criminal behavior and dishonesty intended on deceiving people usually for a financial gain.

With marijuana or cannabis, the growers, distributors and users of what was once an illegal substance depended on secrecy to deceive rivals, law enforcement and users as in the recent case of spiked synthetic marijuana causing people to fall ill in New Haven, Connecticut.

Results of Legalization and Slang

That event truly justified why it was necessary for weed to be legalized and regulated in the same way alcohol has been since prohibition. Legalization will not stop the flow of illegal substances, but it will give the user a low risk choice over a street purchase that might be tainted. One positive consequence is the emergence of cannabis-based businesses such as i49 Seed Bank that strives to give the customer a clean and safe product.

It is humorous to look at the various slang terms for cannabis that were once meant to maintain secrecy and avoid arrest. There are over 1000 slang terms including “weed” and “grass” that have almost become synonymous to cannabis. Other terms like “catnip” or “cabbage” or “oregano” have been used to denote an inferior cannabis product. In recent months the DEA even released a list of slang terms for marijuana that includes names like “Indian Hay”, “grasshopper”, “shrimp”, “lime pillows” and many more.

In the days before on-line sales, the cannabis user had a real problem in finding a reliable source of their weed and the seeds to grow their own. The 1960’s and 1970’s saw a proliferation of “head” shops that sold pipes, water pipes, incense and even decorative alligator clips but the sale of weed was not permitted. Today it is now a simple matter of doing a Google search for i49 Seed Shop to get the pot seeds sent to you via mail in a discreet and unmarked package.

So Much to Choose From on Pot Seeds Near Me

Your biggest challenge will be to choose from the many strains of cannabis products sold by i49. If you are not sure then you may want to try one of the three sampler packs that are offered:

  • California Sampler Pack – This sample pack contains three seeds each of California Orange Feminized Seeds, Blue Dream Feminized Seeds and Candy Cream Feminized Seeds as well as two “Bonus Beans”
  • Fast Sample Pack – This one offer three varieties of fast-growing strains of seeds that are great for inexperienced growers who want quick results. With the two bonus seeds you get a total of 11 seeds.
  • Autoflower Sampler Pack – this is the surprise package and you will get 9 Auto seeds plus the two bonus seeds as in the other sample packs. You package will likely contain newer strains for a new experience for you and your friends.

With so much to choose from you may need some help to make your decision on how to search for pot seeds near me. Call i49 Seed Bank at 1-855-888-6452 or use the on-line form to ask your questions to our well trained and knowledgeable staff. And we promise there will be no secrets.

Pot Seeds Near Me

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Pot Seeds Near Me