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Sativa Seeds Usa

Sativa Seeds Usa

Where to get Cannabis Sativa Seeds in USA

Cannabis plants have been widely used for medical and recreational use. One of these plants is Cannabis Sativa and is well favored among cannabis growers. Here at i49, we offer high-quality Cannabis Sativa Seeds in USA for you to grow.

What is Cannabis Sativa?

Cannabis Sativa popularly known as marijuana is a herbaceous flowering plant that grows locally in Eastern Asia and has now a global distribution. It contains high THC level and bioactive cannabinoids as its primary contents. The said ingredients cause the feeling of “high” when smoking hashish, vaporizing or mixed in baked goods and teas.

Cannabis Sativa triggers a more elating mood, gives more energy and arouse creativity. It heightens the sensations, and best used when pursuing your inner artistic skills, planning social activities, listening or creating music, and staying active during the high phase.

What are its Medical Benefits?

The Sativa is known to have over 500 compounds with high tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) contents. One of its medical benefits is improved energy and works well in treating ADHD and depression that’s not complicated by anxiety, a therapeutic alternative to lifting stresses. It is also great in relieving pain and inflammation without feeling lazy.

The sativa can also treat muscle pain conditions such as fibromyalgia without putting the patient to sleep. It is also used to make hemp seed oil for medical, cooking, and for commercial or industrial use.

Sativa is widely used as a traditional medicine in India because of its hypnotic, sedative, anti-inflammatory and analgesic contents. However, research shows that Sativa or marijuana use during the adolescence years can cause neurocognitive deficits, altering the brain structure, functional abnormalities, sleep disorders, and psychiatric illness.

How to Grow Cannabis Sativa?

The Sativa marijuana has unisexual flowers and the plant is either a male or a female. It can grow from 8 to 15 feet high with slender long arms and offers enough space on each branch for the air to circulate. Its leaves are longer, thinner with light green color compared to other Cannabis plants.

Sativa offers a more appealing yield to growers despite it taking longer to grow and produce. It takes up to 16 weeks to grow and needs more sun. It is known to grow well near the equator requiring with at least 12-13 hours of light per day. The heavy sunlight is needed to successfully produce the plants high THC contents.

Its flowering cycle can last between nine and fifteen weeks. Cannabis sativa is well suited with hydroponics growing, a method of growing where the soil is replaced by a mineral nutrient solution.

Where to Safely Buy Cannabis Sativa Seeds in USA?

Even with a longer flowering cycle and grows well in warm climates, growers in the USA don’t shy away to grow this plant. The narrow-leafed and tall cannabis Sativa plant not only invigorates an energizing and “high” effect, but growers can get a promising yield.

If you are looking for high-quality sativa seeds, we at i49, a Californian Seed Bank offers a great selection of seeds. We securely process your orders with safe and discreet shipping and delivery. Feel free to message us now.


Sativa Seeds Usa

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Sativa Seeds Usa