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Single Seeds Usa

Single Seeds Usa

The Convenience of Getting Single Seeds in USA

People had to live where it was easier to go to the convenience store than to the larger grocery store. The roads had to be accessible for trucks to deliver items and the electrical grid had to support coolers and freezers and security lighting. In 1927 the telephone was still in its infancy.

Ch-Ch-Ch Changes

Ninety-one years later, a cannabis seed bank called i49 Seed Bank. Several things fell in place over the years to make i49 the leading on-line cannabis seed bank in the US and Canada today. Let’s look at a few of these developments that made it all possible.

  • Imagine a convenience store that does not stock beer and wine. On April 7, 1933 Prohibition ended in the USA and this had to be a boon to those early convenience stores. In recent years Canada and the USA has seen an easing of laws governing the use of cannabis allowing millions of users to avail themselves of products offered by i49.
  • Mail order catalogs were popular in the first half of the 20th Older folks will remember the Sears Catalog and awaiting that package to arrive in the mail. That has been replaced by on-line catalogs, but people still wait for that package to arrive if they use the US Postal System’s “snail mail”. The advances in computer technology has totally changed how people buy stuff.
  • Seed banking is a relatively new concept that began in the 1950’s and community seed banks became popular in the 1980’s across the globe. The original goal was to preserve the genetic diversity and protect against the extinction of plants. Storage and maintaining a proper environment is vital to all seeds including cannabis seeds sold by i49
  • Cultural attitudes have changed drastically with regards to cannabis. The i49 team would have faced arrest and long prison terms in the 1960’s but are now free to run their business to customers no longer fettered by archaic and nonsensical laws.
  • Medical marijuana has proved to be a godsend to cancer patients, people afflicted by HIV / Aids and those suffering from other diseases like multiple sclerosis. Unlike alcohol and opiates, cannabis is not physically addicting and treatment for abuse of cannabis focuses on the psychological addiction and not withdrawal symptoms.

It Really is Convenient!

The packages of single seeds in USA make up the bulk of i49 products sold to customers in Canada and the USA. They offer “regular” seeds and specialized hybrid strains including one with the name Girl Scout Cookies x Jack Herer Feminized Seeds. In addition to feminized seeds, i49 offers auto flowering seeds (AUTO Seeds) as well as many popular and exotic strains.

You still must go to your local convenience store for your beer and wine and snacks to cure your “munchies”, but you can easily order your single seeds in USA from i49 by calling 1-855-888-6452 or by using our on-line form to get a message to our i49 Seed Bank staff.



Single Seeds Usa

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Single Seeds Usa