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Vermont Cannabis Seed Bank

Vermont Cannabis Seed Bank

As of July 2018, marijuana is legal for both recreational and medical purposes throughout the state of Vermont. If you wish to make a purchase from a Vermont cannabis seed bank and grow your own grass, you may, as long as you follow the rules.

According to the Burlington Free Press, adults in Vermont may lawfully cultivate up to six plants for personal use. Two mature marijuana plants and four mature plants may be contained within one housing unit. Cannabis plants must be cultivated in an enclosed space out of view from passers-by.

When Governor Phil Scott signed the referendum into law, Vermont became the ninth state to legalize weed for adult use, explains Rolling Stone. The new law also allows adults aged 21 and over to possess one ounce of cured marijuana. Those who wish to grow grass in a rental unit must obtain permission from the landlord. All reasonable rules and easy to follow. Now that we've told you about those let's move on to the fun part.

What kind of seed should you start with?

If you have never before grown marijuana, you should probably start with a none too picky strain. Durban Poison is a pure sativa strain that comes in an auto-flowering form that's super forgiving for first-time gardeners. Uplifting and energetic, Durban Poison delivers a hefty THC punch along with plenty of terpenes for flavor.

Blue Amnesia Haze puts together the psychedelic buzz of Haze with the sweet euphoria offered by Blueberry strains. These seeds are super simple to germinate and quite forgiving during their growing cycles. If you are a first-time cultivator, ask your favorite cannabis seed vendor about Blue Amnesia Haze.

Love Potion auto-flowering is another popular grass variety for new growers. Forgiving and kind, Love Potion is a sativa dominant strain with many medicinal qualities. With genetics that traces back to Marta Columbian Gold and G-13, Love Potion delivers a decidedly citrusy-skunky aroma that inspires a sense of calm arousal. With a ten-week flowering period, Love Potion is one of our easiest cannabis strains for those who are new to shopping at a Vermont cannabis seed bank.

Do you plan to grow indoors or outdoors?

Any cannabis seed can be grown inside or out, but some strains tend to thrive best in one location or the other. The climate-controlled environment of an indoor garden may yield more regular harvest per square foot of space than outdoor gardens which typically yield around one or two cannabis crops annually.

Indoor costs to keep in mind include lighting, CO2 machines if needed, electricity prices and time spent on plant care. Outdoor growers need to pay special attention to factors such as nearness of neighbors, rainfall, neighborhood schools and the particular micro-climate where they intend to grow. All of these deciding factors are key when choosing cannabis seeds from a Vermont cannabis seed bank or anywhere.

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Vermont Cannabis Seed Bank