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Washington Cannabis Seed Bank Online

Washington Cannabis Seed Bank Online

In Washington State, Oregon and California the online cannabis-based industry is booming largely due to the easing of laws such as the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA) passed in 2016 allowing sales to begin in 2018. In California alone, the sales of cannabis products topped 330 million dollars.

One of the leaders in Washington Cannabis seed bank online is i49 Seed Bank that offers a wide array of seeds to people wanting to grow their marijuana for a hobby or to avoid the risk of buying a tainted product from an unknown source. i49 offers discreet, secure shipping that is guaranteed and can supply seeds of the most exotic strains. They provide feminized seeds, easy to grow seeds and seeds that will produce a crop used for pure pleasure or medicinal uses.

What to do when the baby comes home from the nursery?

Do you bury the seeds in the dirt and hope for the best? Do you know what to do once the young plants break through the topsoil? Here are a few tips:

  • The first step is that you must take care of the seed and i49 begins this process with storage in cool, dry and dark locations required to maintain the seed quality. If you are not going to plant immediately take steps to store your seeds in a dry, dark place at about 40 degrees F.

  • Indoor plants will allow you to control the conditions, but it will take up some space. Outdoor plants will be less expensive but a bit riskier with bug infestations and animals as well as bad weather.

  • Indoor lighting is accomplished with artificial fluorescent or expensive LED lights while good old Mr. Sun will do the trick every time for outside growing. The plants need about eight hours a day of direct sunlight.

  • Choosing the proper soil and nutrients can be confusing, but the use of purchased soil or home composted soil is best to keep the pH at a slightly acidic level (pH of 6 to 7). The experts at i49 can advise on the best nutrition choice for planting in soil or with a non-soil hydroponic grown crop.

  • The plants will first go through a stage that is like a baby growing from an infant to just before puberty. Keep the lights on and keep the plant well fed.

  • When the blooms begin to appear to adjust the lighting for indoor plants to have 12 hours of sunlight per day. You cannot control what happens outdoors. In a short time, the sex of the plant will be revealed, and you may choose to get rid of the male plants. Their only purpose is pollination, and you don’t want them stealing nutrients from the “girls.”

  • The buds will eventually stop growing and will grow what looks like white hairs which will darken. The best harvest time is when about half of the white hairs have changed to the darker hue. Patience is a virtue when deciding when to harvest your crop.

We will leave the drying and curing of the buds to another article but if you are a new grower and want to get off to a great start, then check on Washington cannabis seed bank online. And the best action you should take is to call i49 at 1-855-888-6452 to order. Then go out and buy some farmer’s bib overalls to look the part when you pose with your harvest a few weeks later.

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Washington Cannabis Seed Bank Online