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Weed Seed Banks Online

Weed Seed Banks Online

As marijuana legislature continues to change, it is becoming more accessible than ever to buy cannabis seeds from a weed seed bank online. It’s important to be selective when choosing a dispensary to purchase from since not all websites are owned by reputable sellers. When quality, discretion, and honesty matters, trust i49 with your next cannabis seed order.

Save Time and Money

Only a few short years ago it was illegal to purchase cannabis seeds from weed seed banks online- now it’s not just a simple process, but it is also comparable in cost with buying from a local dispensary. For those who do not have the luxury of living in a state where cannabis has been legalized, it’s quite convenient to shop online for cannabis seeds.

i49 Carries one of the largest online selections of auto-flower, feminized seeds for all of your growing conditions, both indoor and outdoor. Be sure to visit our ‘Clearance’ section where you’ll find a wide variety of easy-to-grow cannabis seeds that have been discounted in price or reduced for product clearance.

Why Shop With Us?

Click the ‘Cannabis Seeds’ link, and you’ll see what sets us apart from our competition. We carry:

  • Indoor Seeds
  • Outdoor Seeds
  • Indica Seeds
  • Sativa Seeds
  • Easy-to-grow Seeds
  • Hybrid Seeds
  • Short Flowering Period Seeds
  • Medicinal Marijuana Seeds
  • And More!

More Popular and Hard-to-Find Strains

Just take a look at what we carry, and you’ll see the difference it will make in your next harvest. From the extremely popular Jack Herer seeds to hybrid White Widow seeds, and hundreds more, there’s something for every grower in our inventory.

Best of all, you’ll spend fewer labor hours caring for your plants when you purchase feminized, auto-flower seeds from us. Today, it’s no longer necessary to control the daylight hours your plants are exposed to or hassle over other growth factors. Your plants will flower at precisely the right time and produce a bountiful harvest year after year when you make us your home for cannabis seeds.

Our Triple Guarantee

It pays to be selective when researching weed seed banks online. When you shop with us, we will guarantee the authenticity of your strain, as well as your seeds’ germination and feminization. You can read more about our industry-leading guarantee in our FAQ section where we address many commonly asked questions from customers.

You won’t have to worry about discretion during shipment because we will protect your identity with discreet packaging, so no one in your community will know what’s inside your package but you. If you have additional questions or concerns about your order, feel free to call an i49 specialist, send an email to us, or fill out our contact form- we’ll get back with you promptly.

The Bottom Line

You’ll receive top quality seeds from our online dispensary at a reasonable cost- our customers consider our seeds the best value available on the Web. Shop with i49 and discover the difference quality seeds make in your next growing season.

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Weed Seed Banks Online