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Where To Buy Marijuana Seeds In Usa

Where To Buy Marijuana Seeds In Usa

Where to Buy Marijuana Seeds in USA and How to Tell if they are of High Quality

The Internet is a good place to find legit marijuana seeds. However, not all seeds you can find online are produced equal. Buying from an online seedbank such as the provides an assurance that you will get high-quality seeds. It prevents mishandling during shipment that normally happens when you buy overseas.

Why buy overseas when you can buy online in the United States? Finding a reliable shop is the main concern here. Once you already have your seeds, how will you know if they are of good quality? Find out how to identify the good ones from the bad before searching where to buy marijuana seeds in USA.

Look at the Color of the Seeds

By knowing what your seed should look like, it will be easier for you to tell if it is going to produce a healthy plant. Dark colors indicate that they are mature enough for growing. You will find dark ones with prints on them that look like animal print. The seeds with stripes on them are the ones with strains. It has either Indica or Sativa strain in it. The few ones also have the ruderalis strain.

Seeds with light colors suggest immaturity. The seeds should be black or grey and not white or green. Those with light colors are less likely to flower and most of them do not germinate at all. If you have seeds with light colored shells, it will be better to discard them than grow them.

Consider the Durability of Your Seeds

Aside from the appearance, the feel of the seeds is another thing to consider. A hard seed indicates maturity and its readiness to be planted. If the outer part of your seed appears soft, it means they are not viable enough and not good for growing.

If the seeds look like they can be easily crushed or crumbled under pressure, it is either they are old or they have poor quality. Don’t waste your time growing seeds that easily break because it will be impossible for them to germinate.

Know the Flowering Time of Your Seed

The flowering time of marijuana seeds varies, depending on the type of the seed. For example, the Amnesia Haze which is a common type of feminized cannabis usually flowers 10 to 11 weeks since planting.

If your Amnesia Haze takes longer to flower than the average, there is a chance that the seeds are not freshly produced. Marijuana seeds can be stored for up to a decade but there are certain things you have to know how to store them correctly or else they will no longer produce a healthy plant. Old seeds take longer to germinate than seeds that were grown in good conditions.

Why Buy from

If you are searching where to buy marijuana seeds in USA, is a good place to go. We ensure that you will get authentic genetics and there are no substitutions in your orders. You may place your order through our website and enjoy guaranteed shipping.



Where To Buy Marijuana Seeds In Usa

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Where To Buy Marijuana Seeds In Usa