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Where To Buy Pot Seeds In Usa

Where To Buy Pot Seeds In Usa

Where to Buy Pot Seeds in USA

The casual cannabis user and grower used to have a big problem with where to buy the pot seeds in the USA, Canada or in another country. Old laws dating from the 1930s made the use of cannabis illegal and possession of even a small amount of weed could result in a significant time in jail. In 2010, an Oklahoma mother of four was given a 12-year sentence for a $31 pot sale. Fortunately, she was paroled two years later after a public outcry.

In most states those old laws have been overturned and with the development of on-line marketing and sales the problem of where to buy pot seeds in USA has been solved. One of the leaders in the sale of cannabis seeds is i49 Seed Bank, an on-line seller with locations in Canada and the USA.

What Do I Need Aside From the Seed?

The remaining problem for growers is getting all the equipment needed to cultivate the seeds. If you live in an environment friendly to cannabis growth, you can simply select a seed from i49 that is suited for outdoor growth, plant your seed and let nature take its course. You will need only simple gardening tools and hope that the weather is your friend and not your enemy.

More serious growers will want to plant their seeds in a more controlled environment that can be as simple as an enclosed area to as sophisticated as a NASA clean room laboratory. Indoors growers will need some, if not all, of the following items:

  • An enclosed space – An opaque liner to keep light from your grow area will be needed to keep the outside light out so you can control the light and dark growth cycles. If you don’t have a spare room in your house, an outdoor growing tent can be set up. Bugs and molds are a possible issue with outside growing.
  • Lighting – The geometry of your grow space, the availability of electric power and your budget will determine the light source you choose to replace natural sunlight. The good news is that almost any type of light will work, and lighting technology has improved.
  • Fans & Filters – The successful grow tent will need fans to simulate a gentle breeze and circulate the air. An exhaust fan will also be needed to control the temperature and keep the air fresh. When the plants start to emit their characteristic odor, you will need a good quality filters to keep the odor away from nosy neighbors and people who might want some of your weed for themselves.
  • Soil – If you lack nutrient rich soil, then a good quality commercial soil is your next choice especially for a small amount of plants. These soils are available at any hardware store or big-box retailer. You will not need any special nutrient additives or expensive watering equipment. And don’t forget that you will need pots or containers to hold the soil and the seeds.
  • Water – Tap water is a big no-no due to the chemical additives. You can collect natural rain water or purchase a few jugs of purified water from a reverse osmosis unit (RO water) available at any supermarket.

But First, the Seeds

Your first step will be to order your seeds and discuss with the i49 professionals about more tips on growing and where to buy pot seeds in USA. Use the on-line form to send a detailed message or just call i49 at 1-855-888-6542.












Where To Buy Pot Seeds In Usa

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Where To Buy Pot Seeds In Usa