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Wholesale Cannabis Seeds Usa

Wholesale Cannabis Seeds Usa

Wholesale Cannabis Seeds

Looking for wholesale cannabis
Looking, looking and all you are trying to do is find some good quality wholesale cannabis. Well, no need to fret. Here at I49, we specialize in top quality merchandise. Our seeds are guaranteed to take root and mature into the best quality cannabis. We do not discriminate with our seeds, whether you are new to growing marijuana or have been in the business for some time, you’ll find no other seeds can compare with an auto flower which in fact are feminized seeds for a heavy yield to investment ratio.

It might surprise some of our customers that we spare them the technicalities of getting a doctors signature or medical waiver in order to purchase wholesale cannabis from our website. We encourage you to browse our massive inventory of Sativa and Indica strains and select the right type of seeds for your garden or the growing environment. We are just a phone call away if you need professional advice or recommendations on the right strain. On our pages, you will also find helpful information on each strain’s page regarding THC and CBD content, ideal for growing conditions, and effects of usage.

Why pay more? 
There are seed banks out there who make a small fortune for their seeds, making the investment barely worth the time and labor involved in growing cannabis. Here at i49, we believe it’s in our best interest to offer seeds at wholesale prices, typically resulting in recurrence business and customer constancy. We might boast on our affordability, but the truth is that it is our products that make us such a reputable seed bank. Therefore you will soon find that our merchandise is of the best quality and is superior to other seed banks, which is, by far the biggest reason to choose from us. With us, you’ll save more money and experience more success at harvest time when you trust us for your needs.

Our benefits under the microscope
Deciding to purchase your wholesale cannabis from us enables you to experience a whole range of advantages such as listed below

1. Delivery is guaranteed or we will reship
2. 100% of your seeds will germinate, or we will replace the ones that do not
3. We accept secure credit card payments that protect your investment from fraud
4. Auto flower seeds need no special treatment during the growing season- not even daylight control!
5. Feminized seeds ensure every plant is contributing to the upcoming harvest
6. Discreet shipping to keep your identity under wraps
7. Strain authenticity to eliminate unwanted plants in the garden
8. Wholesale prices, guaranteed to save you money

We’ve added Sample Packs to our inventory that make it easier than ever to grow the perfect crop year after year. Each of our Sample Packs contains 11 seeds, total, at a terrific price you are sure to appreciate. You’ll receive three seeds from 3 different strains and two bonus beans. Select from:

1. Auto flower Sample Pack
2. Fast Sample Pack
3. California Sample Pack


Wholesale Cannabis Seeds Usa

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Wholesale Cannabis Seeds Usa