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Wholesale Marijuana Seeds Usa

Wholesale Marijuana Seeds Usa

Wholesale Marijuana Seeds USA

If you are in search of wholesale marijuana seeds you have come to the right place. Before you make life difficult for yourself, look no further than your internet screen. I49, cannabis seed bank, your best choice for wholesale marijuana seeds.

Purchasing from us
Purchase wholesale marijuana seeds from us, here at I49 and save significantly over standard seed prices. Why not allow this year’s investment to be worth your time and effort by being selective about which seeds you plant in your indoor or outdoor growing environment. I49 makes it simple to choose the perfect seeds and grow the best harvest of your career:

Indica and Sativa seeds offer the best of both worlds
CBD and THC seeds cover both medical and recreational use
Indoor and outdoor seeds are available to ensure your seeds conform to your growing conditions
Auto flower seeds eliminate extra time and labor in controlling daylight
Feminized seeds grow into plants with 100% contribution to the harvest
Easy-to-grow seeds are ideal for first-time growers

We Accept Credit Card Payments
There are way too many seed banks that have invested their time and money involved in becoming merchant account approved. Most only accept Bitcoin or wire transfer payments, making it a hassle to do business with their dispensary. I49 has gone through the time-consuming process of becoming an international merchant, in doing so we have opted for you to have a hassle free payment process.

How to grow your seeds?
We are here for our customers with expert recommendations on which seeds to choose for your garden and how to get the most out of your investment. If you have questions about our wholesale marijuana seeds, give us a call to speak with one of our growing experts. Whether it’s your first time growing or you are an experienced marijuana grower, have green fingers as people say, we will make sure you purchase the right type of seeds.

Everyday access
Looking for a tried and true strain that you’ve grown with success in the past or something altogether different from anything you’ve grown before? We have what you want. Go through our fantastic strain selection with confidence that your seeds are 100% guaranteed for strain authenticity. There’s no risk that you will notice plants popping up in your garden that doesn’t look like the strain you ordered. With due diligence on our part, you’ll receive exactly what you order. There are numerous reasons to choose our seed bank when shopping for next season’s seeds, such as:

100% germination guarantee of replacement
Feminization guarantee of replacement
Protection of your identity from prying eyes
Multiple options for payment
Order replacement if not delivered
Secure, discreet shipping

There is no need for you to pay more
You’ll save money on i49’s wholesale marijuana seeds, and you’ll save a lot of time during the growing process as well. You could pay more at another seed bank and still not be covered with the same level of protection that we offer our customers. Try a sample pack or a few seeds for your garden this upcoming growing season, and we’re confident you’ll be back as a repeat customer.

Wholesale Marijuana Seeds Usa

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Wholesale Marijuana Seeds Usa