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Wholesale Seeds Usa

Wholesale Seeds Usa

You’ll find the best wholesale seeds in USA at i49. We proudly carry the most popular cannabis strains, hybrid seeds, feminized seeds, autoflower seeds, and more- at prices that will make growing more profitable. If you’re currently seeking a seed bank you can count on year after year for reliable germination and excellent production, look no further than i49.

Shop For Profitability

Buying wholesale cannabis seeds is a great way to save on your investment, but it’s important to make sure the seeds you buy are guaranteed in a number of ways, Paying high dollar for seeds that don’t germinate, product male plants, or are not of the promised strain can take a significant toll on your budget. At i49 sed bank, we back up every seed we sell with a triple guarantee that eliminates the possibility that you’ll take a loss. All seeds are guaranteed to germinate, guaranteed for strain authenticity, and guaranteed delivered discreetly.

The i49 Advantage

You have many options available to you when shopping for marijuana seeds on the Web; however, you’ll typically find that when it comes time to check-out, your payment options are reduced to Bitcoin payments or wire transfers. At i49, we know those are not convenient choices for our customers, which is why we have labored long and hard to offer you a third option: credit card payments. If you like the idea of paying securely with the added protection that backs up credit card payments, feel free to pay using our secure payment gateway. You can also keep track of your order using door-to-door tracking.

Pay Less, Get More

The best wholesale seeds in USA come with our company’s promise that we’ll reship in the event that your seeds don’t arrive. Just let us know if your seed order is late and we’ll look into the matter. We believe we can offer a better customer experience by making sure you feel comfortable placing an order with us. From seed selection to check-out, you’ll have peace of mind that you’re paying the lowest price on top-grade cannabis seeds from our dispensary.

Cash and Money Order Payments

For the ultimate discretion, send your blank money order or cash to our Oklahoma address located in our FAQ section. Be sure to select ‘Money Order’ from the payment options when checking out and include your name, address, and order number with whichever form of payment you choose. Our highest priority is to offer superior discretion to all of our customers.

Save When Ordering From i49

Why pay retail when you can save with wholesale seeds in USA? There’s no minimum purchase to qualify for wholesale prices on our website- you can even purchase single seeds from different strains to try out a new strain. Call us with any order questions, and we’ll do our best to provide comprehensive answers and help you get your order placed with us. Expect great things when you make i49 your trusted seed bank.

Wholesale Seeds Usa

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Wholesale Seeds Usa