Marajuana seed germination tips

How to Germinate Your Marijuana Seeds

Growing marijuana starts with germinating the seeds. While nature does do a lot of the work here, there are some tips and tricks that growers should know to ensure as many seeds as possible germinate and that they grow into healthy, high-yield marijuana plants. Below is all the information needed to germinate marijuana seeds for the first time, including a few different ways to germinate the seeds that have been proven to be highly successful.

Starting with the Seeds – Understanding the Germination Rate

Growers will need to purchase seeds that have a high germination rate to have the best chance of growing. Seed banks are an excellent option for marijuana growers because they offer higher-quality seeds that are more likely to germinate than the seeds that can be purchased locally. Plus, they often offer a larger variety of seeds to choose from, so growers can find exactly what they prefer. This includes a variety of indica seeds and sativa strain seeds as well as different types of seeds, such as regular cannabis seed, autoflowering seeds, or feminized seeds.

The germination rate is crucial for growers to understand. Some suppliers will state they have a certain percentage for the germination rate. This is the number of seeds that, out of one hundred, are likely to sprout. So, if the germination rate is 95%, 95 out of every 100 seeds that are planted will germinate and grow into a plant. The germination rate is only how many seeds are expected to sprout, not how healthy the plants may be or how likely it is that the plant will produce high yields.

Still, those who are interested in buying marijuana seeds will want to look for high germination rates before purchasing anything. Seeds with a higher germination rate are more likely to lead to higher quality plants, and it’s possible to grow more plants from seeds and only keep the best ones once they start to grow.

When it comes to seeds, all seeds are not created equal. It is important to determine if the seeds purchased are healthy and, therefore, likely to germinate and turn into a healthy marijuana plant. Certain colors can indicate whether a seed is healthy or not, though the ones that are different colors may still germinate. They just won’t have as high of a germination rate.

The only true test to see if the seeds will sprout is to plant them as soon as possible after the purchase. While many seeds can last for at least a few years, the longer they are stored, the smaller the germination rate will be.

Proper Preparation is Needed for Germination

Some seeds will germinate just about anywhere and at any time, while others require specific conditions before they will germinate. Marijuana seeds fall somewhere in the middle. They do like to have an ideal environment before they will germinate, but many will start to grow if they have at least some of what they need. Most marijuana seeds will germinate as long as they receive moisture, are not handled frequently or roughly, and are in a place with temperatures between 68- and 72-degrees Fahrenheit.

One thing that is a potential downfall when germinating seeds is the possibility of mold or other diseases. High-quality seeds are a must to minimize this, but there are still potential issues no matter the source. One way to help improve the chance of germination, and to possibly help the seeds start to sprout faster, is by using hydrogen peroxide or compost tea. Soak the seeds in 1% hydrogen peroxide or a solution made with compost tea for up to 12 hours, then start the germination process.

Decide Where to Germinate the Seeds

Where to germinate the seeds is an important decision. Most growers will opt to start the seeds indoors because it’s easier to maintain the best environment for the plants. This includes the temperature, amount of moisture, and the lighting. Outdoors, there could be too much rain, too low or high temperatures, or other issues. So, even if the blue dream or gorilla glue feminized plants will eventually be grown outdoors, germinating the seeds indoors is still a good idea.

Growers who plan to grow their OG Kush or white widow cannabis seeds outdoors can still get started indoors and ensure the plants get a healthy start. They can do the germination inside the home and when the plants are large enough, start hardening them off so they can be moved outside and transplanted without issue. Those who are planning to grow inside will find it is easy to transition from the germination process to the growing process once the seeds have started to sprout.

Using Just Water to Germinate Seeds

Germinating in just water is another way to start marijuana seeds and is often very effective. To do this, simply place the seeds in a small cup of water for 24 to 48 hours. After this point, it should be possible to start seeing a little bit of the plant growing out of the seed. Once this appears, it can be planted in soil, but care needs to be taken to ensure the roots are not damaged during this period.

The Kush or haze strain seedling should be placed in soil when it is around half an inch to three-quarters of an inch long to give it the best chance of survival. If the roots have started to develop, make sure they are placed down in the soil. If the grower waits too long to transplant and the seedling is larger than the recommended height, all is not lost. The seeds can still be transplanted, but it needs to be done very carefully as it’s easier for the roots to become damaged or for the plant to go through transplant shock.

Cotton Pads or Paper Towels are Another Germination Method

The paper towel method is another common germination method used by growers, and it can be highly successful when done properly. It can also be done with cotton pads instead of paper towels. To start, place the seeds in a glass of water like in the previous method. With this one, however, they should only soak for around 14 to 18 hours. Then, place folded paper towels or cotton pads on a plat and pour the seeds and water onto the plate.

Cover with another paper towel, then place it in a warm and dark room until the seeds start to open. It may be necessary to add water periodically to ensure the paper towels stay wet. The seeds should start to germinate within about two to five days. Once the seedlings are around an eighth to a quart of an inch long, go ahead and place them in soil. Take care to avoid damaging the roots with this method as well.

Planting the Seedlings

After the seeds have sprouted and started to grow, they may need to be planted. It’s best to transplant the seedlings to the soil when they are around half an inch to three-quarters of an inch. It is important to make sure the seedling is placed in the soil with the main root going down and that it sits low enough that the top is just barely over the soil level. Cover lightly, and let the seedling sprout back up through the soil.

Make sure the right soil is used when planting the seedlings. Too much clay will make it difficult for the seedling to grow, as it needs lighter soil when it’s just getting started. Plenty of different soil options are available for indoor and outdoor growing. If the plant will be transplanted outdoors, it’s best to place the seedling in a small cup with soil once it is large enough. Then, it can be slowly hardened off until it is ready to be planted outdoors.

Watering Seeds as they Sprout

Once the seeds have started to sprout, and have been moved to soil, it’s crucial to water the seeds carefully. Too little water can cause the seedlings to die, and too much can cause them to drown. Plus, once the seedlings start to grow, too much water can cause mold and similar issues. The seeds should be placed somewhere that doesn’t get too hot or too cold. Then, water the plants just enough to start to see water dripping below the container they’re in. This should be plenty of water for a few days, but if the soil starts to look dry, it is possible to add a little bit more water.

Growing marijuana from seeds doesn’t need to be intimidating. There are times when seeds won’t germinate successfully but buying the right seeds and following the germination methods mentioned here should make it far more likely that the seeds will germinate.

It is always recommended to learn about the specific germination recommendations from the seed bank you’re buying seeds from. They will know what works best with their seeds and there could be warranties or guarantees that are voided if you attempt a different germination method. Try out these methods and use the tips above to find which one works best for you and which one you will prefer to use with your seeds going forward.

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