Outdoor Cannabis Growing Tips

Growing cannabis outdoors is not as simple as just tossing the seeds into the soil and then waiting on the forces of nature to grant you a bumper harvest after a few weeks. A lot of research and preparation is needed to ensure you get it right when it comes to the soil condition requirements, site preparation, pest control and proper care and maintenance. If you intend to venture in outdoor cannabis growing, then here are some tips you will find valuable:

Outdoor Cannabis Seeds Need Good soil

Your success with growing cannabis outdoors will depend on the choice of soil or the particular medium upon which the plant will grow. The soil should have the correct pH, it should be well drained, and it should also the correct amount of nutrients. A good soil should not be very expensive, and you should find very good options from reputable landscape supply companies that deals with selling soils in bulk.

Where to Plant The Cannabis Seed?

One aspect to consider when thinking about the location for growing cannabis outdoors is the exposure to sunlight. For good yields, the plant must have maximum exposure to sunlight and mostly, a southern exposure is recommended. This implies that the chosen site should not be an area with tall buildings, hills and trees which will block sunlight from accessing the plant. Additionally, it would be a good idea if the areas is sheltered and well irrigated in addition to having very good drainage.

Starts the plants indoor if you can

If possible, start by germinating the cannabis-seeds indoors and allowing them to grow under indoor conditions for about one or two weeks. This will protect them from birds and insects which might feast on their tender leaves and stock. When it is time to take them out, start off by “conditioning” them so that they adapt gradually to the outdoor conditions. For instance, take them outside under a shelter for a few hours a day for about another week or two, before you finally expose them fully to the outdoor environment.

Consider the security of the plants

You should plan ahead in terms of security when considering the final location for growing the cannabis outdoors. It is highly recommended to keep them from the prying eyes of the public and they should also be safe from animals and birds. You may consider installing game cameras if you are curious about someone secretly finding your plants and also to let you know of the kinds of animals or creatures that normally visit the site.

Consider starting with one line of nutrients

Just like in indoor growing, you should consider starting off your marijuana with just one line of nutrients, and this should contain everything the plant needs to grow happy. Be careful not to

add too much fertilizer than recommended as this may be detrimental to the life of the plants.

Pick the right outdoor cannabis strains

It goes without saying that you must choose the right outdoor marijuana strain if you want to get good yields. While choosing the strain, you should consider your location and climate as these will determine the outdoor conditions under which the plant will be required to grow. Choose the strains which have been specifically developed to thrive under those particular outdoor conditions dictated by your region and climate.

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