Blueberry x Mazar Fem

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Buy Blueberry x Mazar Strain for your home garden.

When you combine the stocky, high yielding powers of Mazar with the delicious Blueberry, you are gifted with the Blueberry x Mazar blend. This Indica dominant strain is ideal for smoking after a long day, when you are looking for non-hazy head highs combined with utmost physical relaxation.

Flowering Time: 8-9 Weeks
THC Content: 15-23%
Earthy pine flavors with the classic blueberry taste.

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    i49 is the real deal!!! As you know it’s hard to send your money to an interweb site, there are so many variables that could lead to disappointment. Let’s face it seeds with good genetics are not cheap, and then there is the worry about customs even if they are legal in your state or country. Do to this, they can not sent in the original grower’s package, the stealth way they have to be sent prohibits this. I have the up most faith that they were the variety I wanted and paid for. I would use the Guaranteed Delivery option for the price; it gives you complete piece of mind. There are so many good things that could be said, you will not be disappointed I assure you. And there only email away as they take pride in their communication with their customers.
  • '5' '14965'
    Purchased few different varieties. Now to see how they go. Very impressed with range and also amazingly fast postage. 10/10. Will highly recommend.