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Buy CBD Diesel Strain for your home garden.

Diesel is the perfect buzz when you want to concentrate and focus, now with more CBD added! This strain is very therapeutic for use with mood disorders, spasms, inflammation, pain and chronic stress. Clear mind, lifted-spirits, and a relieved-body, this strain has got all your bases covered.

Flowering Time: 7-9 Weeks
THC Content: 5-8%
CBD Content: 5-8%
CBD:THC Ratio = 1:1
Grapefruit, berry flavors with fuel like undertones.

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  • '5' '17783'
    Very communicative customer service. Seeds came in perfect condition and had great germination rates.
  • '5' '17783'
    I’ve been growing indoor since 2011 after I started having seizures. Not being used a large scale growers and more focused on medical benefits was tough for someone who can only afford a few plants. So I’ve ordered from multiple single seeds sites over the years, but I’ve never came across a site like this one. The selection and prices alone should be enough in its own. Most sites that have a lot of selections, you get overwhelmed with you’re looking for and it ends up being more of a hassle than a enjoyable experience. The search refiner let’s you find what you want faster, and way cheaper than other sites. Their packaging is genius and allows for soaking & germination from straight from the package to cut back on handling and contamination. I’ve only ordered 2 times in the last 2 months, 2 the first and 3 the second time, 3 weeks apart. The both arrived 5 days or less. All were soaked 24 hours in the package they came in and transferred to a damp napkin. Stuck in a zip lock for 24 hrs, and all 5 were popped. All were sprouted within 48 hrs. 3/5 seeds were from i49’s own seedbank, were ordered 2 weeks after the first, but are catching up with the girls with the head start.