Cinderella99 x Early Skunk Fem

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Buy Cinderella99 x Early Skunk Strain for your home garden.

The common roots that tie Cinderella 99 and Skunk together (along with Jack Herer, Amnesia, and Haze), mean this back-crossed hybrid has very strong genes and is resilient in many growing conditions. Expect a hazy and happy, euphoric high that will get your blood flowing and your body wanting to move.

Flowering Time: 8-10 Weeks
THC Content: 18-23%
Sweet earthy flavor with accents of wine and berries

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  • '5' '15079'
    First time customer because you were accepted on my U.S. debit card by my bank. I will be a repeat customer for your customer support team seems honest and concerned that I am satisfied person, not someone just making a purchase on the internet. Quality, service and customer support from i49 gives me as a single small volume buyer no choice but to be a repeat customer. It is too bad there is not a standard seed grow information on all brands of seeds, size of adults plants, harvest time, yield, size of bud. I am aware the suppliers control the information you receive but for me as a consumer comparing different seeds can be a guess. I live in an area near a ski lodge and have an outdoor growing season of 90 days because of frost danger, I have poor eye sight which size of bud is important and size of plant growth for stealth reasons outdoors is important. I need complete information to make a purchase and your suppliers need to be aware their complete information on their product is a sale!
  • '5' '15079'
    I purchased 10 seeds and after growing the first of them I found them to germinate easy and resistant to disease. I will only now purchase seeds from i49. They are the best.