Early Skunk x N.L. Fem

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Buy Early Skunk x N.L. Strain for your home garden.

The mellow Indica Hybrid Early Skunk is Crossed with Northern Lights – The infamous pure Indica descended from Afghani and Thai landrace strains. The high should be happy and hazy, so don’t go planning on getting into any big projects! Pick a good movie and melt into the couch with this dreamy and delicious strain.

Flowering Time: 8-10 Weeks
THC Content: 16- 21%
Sweet woody pine with that stinky skunk essence.

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    The pay situation with bitcoin is a little hard to navigate from this side of the pond, but considering the circumstances it’s understandable. Hopefully we will have a lot less red tape from our end soon.
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    I ordered Early skunk and the seeds arrived in six days! Planted five of ten seeds a quarter inch deep directly into small pots of moist soil which I am keeping moist with spray bottle. (I am holding several seeds back to grow later and am giving two seeds away to a friend.) I am growing the plants indoors with a combination of a sunny south facing window and grow lights. Three days after planting all five seeds sprouted. Three days after sprouting four of the five seedlings have the two “sucker” leaves and two three lobbed leaves but it is just as tall as the other seedlings so I figure it will eventually catch up. And if it doesnt, well, thats why i kept some seeds as backups!o Once the plants are large enough I will transplant them into permanent pots. Granted, I am somewhat of a plant person.