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Take the smooth chocolatey texture of the Sativa “Chocolope” with the spicy coffee notes of the Indica “Oregon Afghani”, and you end up with a creamy and rich mocha flavor! Don’t be fooled by the name though as this is not the strain to wake you up in the morning. Effects are 80% Indica so enjoy as your evening specialty coffee.

Flowering Time: 8-10 Weeks
THC Content: 22-25%
Earthy coffee and herbal chocolate flavors

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  • '5' '15501'
    I like the service and the efficiency, seeds germinated came up all at once planted in soil. It may very well be my fault, but I have microgrow outdoors, no till in a greenhouse in CA. I’ve had consistent good results with White Widow and Gorilla Glue, and my Black Domina looks incredible now. Love you guys. Just dropping the beans into soil from now on, planting extra. Please start a section of information related to different climates and soils, vis a vis strains and cultivation techniques. We’re all learning here. Germination vs, dropping the bean into soil…hmmm.
  • '5' '15501'
    Inventive, creative interaction between us, I like that.