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Buy Shishkaberry Strain for your home garden.

Also known as Kish, Shishkaberry is a cross between DJ Short Blueberry and an unknown Afghani strain. The initial high from this Indica dominant strain will have you feeling happy and social, and as it settles down, its Indica flair will have you feeling relaxed and sleepy. This perfectly balanced high is ideal for combating depression, stress and chronic pains.

Flowering Time: 7-9 Weeks
THC Content: 18-26%
Fresh picked berry flavors with sweet, earthy aromas.

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    Got my stuff but. I found it in my mailbox. Not surprised. My new order is to be signed for. That should be mandatory if proved your shipment was received. Otherwise all kinds of HuDu could happen. I will review the product especially the new order as I attempt to get these guys going next summer outdoors. Since Oct 17 you can grow 4 plants inside or outside. Our postal service is on strike and out of country shipment are last in line. That’s why I asked to sign for the shipment. By the way do you want me to ship back the phone case from last time? Or whatever?